Bill Gates reveals what he changed his Samsung smartphone to

Bill Gates

Bill Gates


American billionaire, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, answering questions from site users Reddit, spoke about the appearance of his next smartphone. According to him, the new gadget was presented to him by the chairman of Samsung Corporation.

– I now have a Samsung Fold 4 in my hands, which the head of Samsung Lee Jay-Yong gave me during a meeting in South Korea. His gift was to upgrade my Fold 3,” Gates wrote on his page.

He also said that he uses various programs from Microsoft, in particular Outlook and others, but prefers to use a laptop and a smartphone, but practically does not use a tablet.

Despite the call to “ask anything” posted on the Gates page, the billionaire chose not to answer the user’s question – does Microsoft plan to abandon the concept of two screens in favor of one folding screen in its new Surface Duo?

In addition, Reddit readers were amused by the very fact that Bill Gates had a new smartphone.

“The same case when you go to the chairman of the board of Samsung to upgrade the phone,” wrote one user.

In addition, readers advised the billionaire to be extremely careful from now on, given the fact that the gift could well be a spy device.

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