Bilan’s younger sister undressed in a provocative video

Under the stage name Otana, Dima Bilan's younger sister Anna performs.

Under the stage name Otana, Dima Bilan’s younger sister Anna performs.

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Dima Bilan’s younger sister Anna (singer Otana) seriously decided to follow in the footsteps of her famous brother and is already releasing the third video.

This time Anya took video for the song “Anabiosis”.

Filming took place in one of the cottages near Moscow for almost two days.

– The director of the video Ti Key Ti offered us an unusual idea, and we were carried away by it, – shares with Otana.

By the way, there were some explicit scenes in the bathroom.

– Considering that at that moment there were about 6-7 people of the film crew next to me, including the director and my assistant, it wasn’t the first time I could concentrate, turn off my head and act within the framework of the planned scenario … but work is work, everything is done for the sake of art, and I turned off all prejudices, undressed, and did everything that the director said …

At the exit, the most piquant shots were not included in the video, but we are preparing a backstage where they will still appear, Bilan’s sister intrigued.

Ani’s clip was also supported by her famous brother.

– Congratulations on your new job! Never give up! Keep it up, and good luck in your search for spaces close to your heart! Bilan wrote on his blog.

According to the script, one of the scenes was filmed in the forest at night, where a special atmosphere was created in which Otana burns the things of her ex-boyfriend in a fire.

At some point, it almost came to disaster. From a gust of wind, the flame from the fire soared five meters up and spread to the branches of trees.

None of the film crew was around at the time, and Anya had to put out the fire with her own hands, throwing personal belongings and film props into the flames, cutting off the burning branches of trees. During the process, Anna’s jacket caught fire. If the singer’s assistant had not called the team for help in time, it is not known how the shooting could have ended.

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