“Big hug”: López Dóriga shared a photo of reconciliation with Tatiana Clouthier

López Doriga shared a photograph with Tatiana Clouthier (Photo: file)
López Doriga shared a photograph with Tatiana Clouthier (Photo: file)

Despite the fact that a few days ago both criticized each other, the journalist Joaquín López Dóriga shared a photograph of “reconciliation” with the former Secretary of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo, this after a meeting they had in Monterrey.

“Look who I met here in Monterrey! A @tatclouthier with his family. He made me very happy to see her. Big hug”, López Dóriga wrote through his Twitter account where he also attached the photograph where they both look smiling.

However, the comments were immediate after the “reconciliation” after pointing to each other: “She is no longer angry about the airport photo comment”, “They are friends again?”, “I don’t know, they were just fighting yesterday?”, Were some of the comments left by users on the photo.

And it is worth remembering that on October 6 the now former head of the Ministry of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, presented her resignation to President López Obrador. In the morning conference last Thursday, President Andrés Manuel announced that Clouthier informed him in writing of his desire to withdraw from the cabinet.

Given this, Clouthier Carrillo read a letter in which he stated: “I am leaving with my hand outstretched, the door of my house is always open, and my and Yori’s hearts are always receptive to you and to Beatriz”. When she finished reading the letter, tried to hug President López Obrador as a gesture of thanks; however, the president limited himself to applauding and did not respond to his former official’s gesture.

A few hours later, the communicator shared a photograph on social networks where the supporter of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) shows up alone waiting to board a flight presumably to Sinaloa.

“The portrait of renunciation: loneliness. Already at the airport to his land, Sinaloa, ”López Dóriga wrote through his Twitter.

Given this, the former Secretary of the Economy did not remain silent and attacked the journalist for the published photograph:

“I have no idea how you travel, nor as a Secretary travel accompanied 95% of the time; I don’t know what you have with me that takes up a lot of your time or they pay him to annoy; How will your grades be if you don’t check the basics? The flight was to where I live and even the room said: Mty ”, she wrote through a tweet in response to the one published by López Dóriga.

Given Clouthier Carrillo’s response, various users turned against him and relived the uncomfortable moment of the president’s rejection of her. “You are seeing that the poor even the hug they denied him, not a word deserved him; and you looking at little things ”, was one of the comments that responded to López Dóriga’s publication.

The alleged rejection of López Obrador’s embrace generated various criticisms, in addition to rumors about a fractured relationship between the president and the former secretary. However, the president wanted to deny it and pointed out that he did not realize it:

I hadn’t realized that. They will invent everything. She makes the reasons known, we love her very much, we respect her, which I already expressed. Our adversaries are not going to be satisfied with anything, ”she declared while at the morning press conference.

The senator for the Party National Action (PAN), Lilly Téllez, who wrote through his Twitter account:

“I congratulate @tatclouthier for resigning. Remains the portrait of the wretch who denied him a hug, that’s how people with bad guts are, ungrateful, badly educated. The Bible says well: pearls should not be given to swine.


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