Big Brother 2022: a participant was left out of the nominees after Maxi’s surprise decision

Big Brother 2022: Maxi saved a participant from the plaque

Maxi, leader of the week of the house of big brother 2022, decided to remove from the plate Nacho above Thiagoa resolution that seems a direct consequence of the betrayal of the young man from Gonzalez Catan Alexis the Rabbit, and the subsequent lie in the face that the Cordovan suffered on his part.

The reality show host Santiago del Moro, virtually entered the house so that Maximiliano begins to decide who to leave in the hands of the Telefe audience. Each of the nominees dedicated a few words to the leader.

“I told him when he won the test: that he trusts his judgment and that trusting his heart is the best strategy. That will leave you calm and give you security. Whatever you choose will be fine,” he said. Agustin to break the ice.

Nacho and Thiago
Nacho and Thiago

“I like him super well, it’s not pressure at all and I don’t want you to even choose me, I understand that there is more of a relationship with them,” Camila told Maxi.

“I appreciated him enormously, I love him a lot and I already told him that he reminds me of my old man. There is no drama with anything, whatever you choose. We will continue here,” he said. Juan Ignacio upon Maximilian.

“Let him do what he feels, there is no pressure. I love him very much and from the first day I grew fond of him and the Cone”, expressed Thiago when addressing the leader of the week.

“The truth is that the plate is difficult. Whoever leaves, I’m going to hurt. I love all 4 of you very much, these hours were tremendous. I forgot about the joy of the car because I was with a thousand heads. I think I decide with my heart because it doesn’t work any other way, ”Maxi said when asked by Santiago about how he was going to decide who to save.

“Who are you going to take out first and keep going to the elimination gala?” The driver asked the leader of the week in a second virtual entrance to the house.

“I fell in love as soon as I met her, but logically I have more relationship with others, with whom I have been from the beginning. So Cami, although I adore her, “said the Cordovan.

“Although I also have great appreciation for him, a bit because of his way of playing, his way of thinking destabilizes me and he seems unpredictable to me. He has a barbaric stamina and has passed many plates, so I’m going to leave Agus ”, Maxi communicated about the decision for Frodo to continue on the plate.

Thiago's face upon hearing Maxi's decision
Thiago’s face upon hearing Maxi’s decision

The Cordovan then asked Santiago “a pause for television times”, due to the stress caused by having to decide between Thiago and Nacho.

In a final entry from the driver, Maxi expressed: “The truth is that I love them both too much. It is tremendously difficult to make the decision, I took details with me after thinking about things. I would save them both, but I can’t: I saved Nacho.”

Juan Ignacio thanked Maxi with a hug for the gesture, and Thiago later did the same even though he was left behind. However, his first reaction seemed one of complete bewilderment.

The end plate is Thiago, Camila and Agustin. One of them will leave the Big Brother house next Sunday.

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