Biden’s wife diagnosed with cancer

Jill Biden has been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma.

Jill Biden has been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma.


White House doctor Kevin O’Connor said that the wife of US President Jill Biden underwent surgery to remove malignant skin tumors. According to the doctor, the first lady feels well.

During a micrographic operation, doctors removed two tumors above the eyes of the wife of the President of the United States. In addition, during the examination, another neoplasm was discovered that threatened to turn into a malignant form. His surgeons also removed, writes CNN.

Jill Biden has been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer, according to a document compiled by the White House medical service.

During the operation, Joe Biden was present at the hospital.

As a rule, a timely operation allows you to completely get rid of this kind of skin neoplasm, and there is practically no time required for recovery after treatment. According to statistics, about 3.6 million people who are diagnosed with skin cancer turn to doctors every year in the United States. Most of the sick can be helped.

It is known that earlier Joe Biden himself also had several malignant skin tumors removed.

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