Biden write cheat sheets: what he should do and say

Under the heading

Under the heading “Sequence of Events” was a detailed list of Biden’s actions.

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It’s time to collect a collection of embarrassing situations in which the President of the United States constantly manages to drive himself. Either he, in confusion, does not know where to go, then he sticks his hand for a handshake in an empty place, then he says something inappropriately, plunging everyone into a stupor. And this is not counting the spectacular falls from the ladder and from the bike.

Apparently, the American leader’s aides are tired of blushing for his blunders, which are savored with pleasure by journalists around the world. Therefore, before each official event, they began to slip cribs to the president, in which they step by step describe what and how he should do.

But here, too, old Joe failed. The other day he discussed with the president of the AFL-CIO (this is the largest federation of trade unions in the US) Liz Schuler the problems of offshore wind turbines. Biden took out the cherished leaflet with tips from his side pocket, but out of absent-mindedness turned it to face the audience. The camera shutters immediately clicked, since the text was printed in large print. And that’s what they saw there.

Under the heading “Sequence of Events” was a detailed list of Biden’s actions (in the style of the head of the pioneer camp Comrade Dynin from the famous Soviet film):

– YOU enter the Roosevelt Room (conference room in the West Wing of the White House. – Ed.) and greet the participants;

– Sit on YOUR chair;

– Enter the press;

– YOU give a short comment (2 minutes);

– The press leaves;

– You ask Liz Shuler a question (note: she is present via video link);

– You thank the participants;

– Are you leaving.

They say the event was held in strict accordance with the instructions. But the Americans began to lively discuss the presidential “spur” on social networks. They are horrified: it turns out that the “leader of the free world” is not even able to remember what to do and in what sequence! And the best comment was this: “I wonder what is written in his instructions in case of a nuclear war.”


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