Biden was predicted to resign after the exchange of Bout and Greiner

Journalist Vitaly Korotich

Journalist Vitaly Korotich

A photo: Alexander GAMOV

Russian businessman Viktor Bout, released from an American prison, who was exchanged for an American basketball player Brittney Griner convicted in Russia for drug smuggling, flew to Moscow on Thursday, December 8.

…- I know…. We don’t know which of them is right and which is wrong… Come on, let’s not interfere, we won’t figure it out, you understand?

So began his commentary on the air Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (97.2 FM) famous journalist and public figure Vitaly Korotich.

However, I asked him a few questions…

– No, Vitaly Alekseevich. the question is what? The fact that this story dragged on for a long, long time and yet it ended – is it at least a drop, at least half a centimeter, at least half a percent, somehow brings closer to warming relations? Between Russia and the USA?

– No, it doesn’t bring it closer, it only aggravates relations within America.

– But not with us.

– Bolton has already said that this is another Biden blunder, and he is also nominating his candidacy for the presidency and that’s it.

This is their internal struggle. Well, all of them in the well …!

– And Bolton is who, let’s remind.

– This is Trump’s adviser. This is an internal struggle. Already in 2024, there will be new presidential elections, and now every such step is regarded as a retreat, an attack … yes, all of them!

What worries me most now is how we are being crushed with this Ukraine, with all this. Blimey.

– The situation is already – not in their favor.

– New sanctions, new outrages – that’s terrible.

– And we and the new ones will survive! Well, we are constantly commenting on this … but this event …

– I can only say that this event can be assessed in terms of the fact that something happened.

– So!

– That’s something we did towards each other, and it’s already good.

Without assessing the degree of guilt of one or the other side (Buta and Greiner. – A.G.), we can say that we have agreed with the Americans at least on something – thanks already.

– A very good comment. Thank you very much.


Exchange of the year. Booth had 11 more years to serve, Brittney Griner – 9 years (more)

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