Biden fears nuclear war with Russia

military expert Vladimir Evseev in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he commented on the statements of American leader Joe Biden, according to which Washington is ready to work with the Kremlin to form a new nuclear weapons control system.

“This is a good signal, as US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held telephone conversations at the initiative of the American side,” the specialist said.

He also stressed that Washington is afraid of a nuclear war and is trying to avoid it. Corresponding concerns were noted in the latest report of the non-profit organization RAND Corporation, the source added.

“I think the Biden administration would like to take their own country away from the possibility of receiving a nuclear strike,” Evseev concluded.

Earlier, the US President spoke about his intention to create control mechanisms with Russia nuclear weapons instead of the Treaty on the Reduction of Strategic Offensive Arms. According to Biden, even during the Cold War, politicians could work together to keep the world stable.

“Today, my administration is ready to expeditiously negotiate a new arms control system that will replace START III,” said the American leader, whose words are quoted on his website. official website.

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