Biden feared to “piss off Putin” by signing Ukrainian lend-lease – Guancha

American President Joe Biden did not want to advertise the volume financial and military assistance Ukraine, so as not to “anger” Moscow and the leader of Russia Vladimir Putinaccording to Chinese analysts.

In their opinion, the leak of information about the serious financial injections of the US administration into the Ukrainian conflict caused the leader of the nation to be extremely dissatisfied. In addition, the reports of the transfer of intelligence to Kyiv did not go unnoticed by the world community.

“Although the United States has recently stepped up its support for Ukraine by openly participating in military assistance and signing bills, as well as secretly providing intelligence, the US media spread the news that Biden was very unhappy that the latter fact was revealed. He was not is ready to irritate Russia by revealing the true scale of support for Ukraine,” analysts write. Guancha.

At the same time, Washington is not ready to openly admit to everyone that the goal of the United States is to “add fuel to the fire” of the Ukrainian conflict. As analysts emphasized, many of the steps taken by the US authorities in the context of the Square should have remained behind the scenes.

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