Biden fails in Latin America

Latin American governments do not want a “return” to the region of the former US, so the IX Summit of the Americas will not give Joe Biden the desired result.

Washington decided not to invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the summit of the Americas

The Summit of the Americas takes place every three years. The first continental summit was organized in 1994 in Miami. The last one was in Lima, Peru. The current event will be held from June 6 to 10 in Los Angeles, its theme is “Building a Sustainable and Equitable Future in the Western Hemisphere”.

Washington sees the meeting as a “strategic priority to advance joint efforts for democracy in America,” but it has decided that certain countries in the Americas are not on the same path.

“We don’t think it’s appropriate to invite countries that don’t respect democracy,” US Under Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs said. Brian NicholsI mean Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Demarch to the left and right of the two largest countries in Latin America

After that, the President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador declared that if Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua were not invited, he would not go, but would send his foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard.

After Mexico, successive governments in Latin America and the Caribbean announced that their presidents would not be able to attend the Summit of the Americas on Washington’s terms.

It is curious that it is not only leftist governments, as in Bolivia and Honduras, but the president of Brazil decided not to go Jair Bolsonaro – Right-wing nationalist politician

“The presence of the president is being studied,” — declared Brazilian Foreign Ministry. Bolsonaro is being criticized in the American media as an ally of Donald Trump, he is accused of trying to rig the upcoming elections in October. So far, there has not been a single phone call between Bolsonaro and Biden, let alone a meeting.

Some countries – Argentina, Chile – said they would be represented at the highest level, but supported the presence of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The White House gave back and in the voice of its already ex-press secretary Jen Pasky stated that “the final decision has not been made at the moment”, invitations have not yet been sent out.

Who are the “bad guys” of Latin America

The choice of “bad guys” among the Americas is clear to anyone who follows the news agenda. With Venezuela, the United States, which severed ties after Washington made an unsuccessful attempt to put its protege – a puppet in the presidential chair Juan Guido, and the imposition of a series of damaging sanctions against the country in an attempt to remove Nicholas Maduro from power.

Cuba is by default a “bad guy” as long as the communists, the heirs of the Castro brothers, are in power there. The country is traditionally part of the “axis of evil” for the United States, but even here Joe Biden has surpassed his predecessors.

At the 2015 and 2018 summits, Cuba was present, so now there is no reason to exclude Havana. True, then-President Trump was not present at the last summit in Lima, however, now Biden wants to “return” to Latin America.

Nicaragua has also been in disgrace for a long time, especially after the President Daniel Ortega – Supporter of the Russian Federation, re-elected last year.

However, all three countries are the main allies of Russia, which determines sanctions and pressure on them from the United States.

Biden wants America to condemn Russia

According to an analyst at the Costa Rican People’s Center for Social Research (CPCES) Oscar Barrantesthe American summit is “a trick of the hegemonic policy of Anglo-Saxon colonialism.”

“They are trying to hold a continental meeting to legitimize a global war with the help of the puppets of Nazi fascism, not assuming that they are leading the world to the catastrophe of a total dictatorship of unipolarity, ruled by the aristocracies of ultra-capital in their greed to enslave humanity to infinity” – said Barrantes.

The CPCES analyst denounced that the US is depriving Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela of moral authority as constitutional states.

The world has changed, the USA does not change

The reasons for the demarche of Latin American countries are obvious to everyone, but not to Biden. Latin American countries:

  • now have China as a partner and investor, which is not the case with the US because their own economy is in bad shape;
  • against the arrogance with which the US is again trying to “strengthen the alliances in the hemisphere”, demonstrating a lack of desire to seek compromises;
  • believe that a new era has already begun, and will not contribute to Biden’s plans to demonstrate the old new US leadership in the region.

President of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canel stated that the United States must have the ability and courage to listen to all the countries of the continent or refuse to host the summit.

“The new era that the continent is striving for does not allow exceptions,” the head of Cuba wrote on the social network.

The summit could deepen divisions between the US and its neighbors and would in no way lead to a sustainable and just peace.

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