Biden confused about the name of the drug that was treated for coronavirus

US president who survived coronavirus returns to work

US president who survived coronavirus returns to work

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Tests for COVID-19 of US President Joe Biden began to show a negative result, and Biden, who had the disease, returned to work.

Having delivered a speech in the Rose Garden of the White House, the head of the American state answered several questions from journalists. And, talking about the effectiveness of the government in combating the pandemic, he began to talk about antiviral drugs.

“Millions of Americans have used puxlvid… no, puxlOvid… I’m sorry, puxlOid. I’ll tell you what: I think I was treated by him too.

Popular American TV host and comedian Jimmy Fallon usually ignores Biden’s blunders, as he has never hidden that he is a supporter of the Democratic Party. But he, along with his colleague Stephen Colbert, could not resist ridicule and mockery, writes Newsweek.

Colbert, wearing Biden’s favorite aviator sunglasses, mumbled on the air:

– I took myself a little crybaby, no crybaby … Now I breathe easier … And, by the way, where am I?

Fallon ended the skit: “Welcome back, Mr. President!”

On the same show, comedians ridiculed Biden for his low voter approval ratings.

According to the latest polls, more than 75% of Democrats and their supporters want the Democratic Party to nominate another candidate in the next presidential election.

– Now that the President is done with COVID-19, he may start to go crazy with his ratings. Colbert joked. “After all, there is nothing worse than the situation that is happening in your hometown.

According to polls conducted in the city of Scranton (Delaware), which is the place of permanent residence of Biden, the number of respondents who consider the current US president “extremely unfavorable” increased from 28 to 46%.

Earlier, fellow American TV presenter Trevor Noah, on his Daily Show program, said that Biden’s approval rating “now fluctuates somewhere between the coronavirus pandemic and the Yuvaldi Police Department (a Texas town whose police officers have not entered a school classroom for more than an hour where an armed shooter shot children – Ed.)”.

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