Between shoves and jeers, Denise Dresser was kicked out of the march on October 2

Denise Dresser was kicked out of the October 2 march by the same protesters (Photo: screenshot)
Denise Dresser was kicked out of the October 2 march by the same protesters (Photo: screenshot)

Within the framework of the march on October 2, the political scientist Denise Dresser Guerra was booed by the crowd and ran from the main square of the capital’s Zócalo, between shoving and yelling. Around 2:30 p.m. that the protesters entered the constitutional esplanade, the academic was excluded from the contingent.

Various videos began to circulate on social networks where the academic is observed in the midst of people, while being the target of shouts and insults. Between slogans like “out, out” Y “out dresser”, she had to leave the iron, while being protected by a group of the contingent of mothers with missing children, who hugged each other to resist the onslaught of the protesters.

The academic was accused of attend “provoke”as well as from “make fun of the fight”. Some of the shared video clips were accompanied by captions such as: “That it is clear to him that young people know the kind of person he is. He hangs onto the movements for his own ends and to bash the government.”

On the other hand, in other material a woman is heard defending Dresser’s attendance at the demonstration, while hugging her: “We are seeker mothers, please. We come to look for our children, to ask for justice”, while in the background, around them, they chanted “Dresser out”.

Dresser Guerra was helped by the same group that she accompanies so that she could leave the demonstration, while she received insults such as “What moral authority do you have?”, “Televisa out”, “panista” and “Mexico doesn’t love you.”

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