Between mariachis, batons and comparsas: this is how Marcelo Ebrard was celebrated for his 63rd birthday

Supporters brought festive cards for the Mexican foreign minister's birthday.  (Capture; Twitter @Candelaria_)
Supporters brought festive cards for the Mexican foreign minister’s birthday. (Capture; Twitter @Candelaria_)

The sound of the mariachi and the party resounded outside the National Palacein Mexico City (CDMX), where several people gathered early this Monday to celebrate the “special birthday boy”: Marcelo Ebrard.

Thus, around 5:00 a.m., the also Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SRE) arrived at the government building where he met dozens of sympathizers who welcomed him between mariachis and batons for his 63rd birthday.

“Happy birthday chancellor!”, “We love you, chancellor!”, “Marcelo, Marcelo!”, “¡You’re not alone”, “The people love you!” Were some of the slogans that drew a big smile on the face of the Mexican foreign minister.

Also, some attendees to the call brought balloons and colored cardboard, in which they expressed their congratulations: “HBD (Happy Birthday) Marcelo”, “Congratulations, Marcelo Ebrard” or “007 ‘Bond’, Marcelo Casaubond”, Congratulations, Uncle Army!”- the latter, in reference to the dedications and jokes made in his count of TikTok.

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