Best TV presenter of 2022* Alina Zagitova: “It turned out to be the hardest thing to loosen up, gain self-confidence”

We talked with Alina Zagitova about her new achievement

We talked with Alina Zagitova about her new achievement

A photo: Daniel OPARIN

Alina Zagitova, of course, the decoration of our TV. It’s great that a charming and beautiful Olympic champion communicates with an audience of millions, and not just with her fans. Her work in the show “Ice Age” for the third time (!) Brings her victory in the poll of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” “Best TV presenter of the year”. For Alina voted more than 200 thousand people!

We talked with Alina Zagitova about her new achievement.

“It’s nice that they believe in me”

– Alina, congratulations on winning our poll, are you pleased that the audience rated you so highly?

– Yes, of course, I am extremely pleased that there are people who supported me as an athlete, and now they continue to support me as a TV presenter and in all other endeavors. They have always been with me, and I am very grateful to them for that. For me, this is the “wall” behind which I can “hide” in moments when it’s hard. I read the positive comments from the fans, and immediately it becomes a little easier. I am very pleased that they voted for me, that they believe in me.

– Do you like the work of a TV presenter?

Yes, she gives me great pleasure. Of course, for me this is a challenge to some extent, but I like to be on the air, overcome myself, fight doubts, learn new things. I am very grateful to Channel One for opening such an opportunity for me, and I am slowly developing in this direction.

Alina Zagitova, of course, is an adornment of our TV.  Photo: Voloshina Natalia

Alina Zagitova, of course, is an adornment of our TV. Photo: Voloshina Natalia

– What is the most difficult part of this job?

– At first, everything was difficult in general (smiles). Probably the most difficult thing was to be liberated, to gain confidence in myself and in what I was doing. Just the fans helped me in this and help. If we talk about the show “Ice Age”, then there is a large amount of improvisation in the dialogues between the presenter and the participants. And there are sharp moments when you don’t know what to expect from the guys, what emotions they are now overwhelmed with, but you want to really live this situation with them, feel their condition and support.

“I hope I helped Anna”

– Which of your colleagues helped you more than others? Whose advice was the most valuable?

– Since my first experience of conducting was connected with the Ice Age, Alexei Konstantinovich Yagudin helped me the most, he brought me up to date, suggested how to cope with excitement, encouraged me, gave very necessary advice. By nature, I am such a person that I like to work on myself, delve into myself, my shortcomings and eliminate them. It’s important to guide me. And I was also helped a lot by classes with a speech teacher, who taught and continues to teach me how to stay in front of the camera correctly. She was with me throughout all the seasons of Ice Age, and in principle, always when I act as a host. If I need to prepare for something, I call her and ask for help, we proofread and analyze the text together.

Her work in the show

Her work in the show “Ice Age” for the third time (!) Brings her victory in the poll “Komsomolskaya Pravda” “Best TV presenter of the year”

A photo: Kirill Mishin

– What is easier for you – to go on the ice as an athlete, an artist or with a microphone in your hands?

– If I had been asked about this three years ago, I would have answered unequivocally – as an athlete. But now the situation has changed a bit. Of course, I do not feel like a professional when working with a microphone, I do not yet have enough experience or education in this area. But still, I probably feel like a TV presenter by 30 percent (smiles). As for ice performances, I really like that there you can try yourself in new roles, reveal yourself in different images. I want to believe that I can do it.

– Anna Shcherbakova, who also hosts the Ice Age this season, said that you are helping her a lot. What is this help?

– I can’t help her as a professional TV presenter, it’s more like friendly support, because I’ve been working on the Ice Age a little longer. I saw that at first it was not easy for her, I know for myself what it is, so I tried to somehow calm her down, set her up in a positive way. I hope that helped, and the feelings went away a little.

Alexey Yagudin helped Alina the most on the project

Alexey Yagudin helped Alina the most on the project

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

“Criticism Helps”

– Did your family start watching Ice Age when you started it?

– Yes, of course, they began to watch and worry about me. Of course, they make some comments – they evaluate it as spectators, they see shortcomings, they say that I should change. I listen, I understand very well that the view from the outside is very important, such criticism helps me a lot.

– What do your parents and relatives say about your new job?

– In fact, they are very happy for me, they support me. I hope they are happy with me.

– Do you root for someone in the project?

– I support everyone. I know how difficult it is for everyone, both professional skaters and artists mastering the ice. All of them are doing a great job, which is worthy of respect. I can’t single out any one pair, all of them are great fellows, they overcome themselves, constantly master something new.

– You recently hosted a major business event. How do you like this experience? Was it difficult to prepare for a project that was not related to sports?

– There were some difficulties against the backdrop of self-doubt. The theme of the event itself was new and difficult for me. I tried to get to know her as much as possible. There were also emotional breakdowns, because I did not understand how such a volume of information could be packed in one day. And, of course, I studied a lot with a tutor, at night we worked it all out. I am very glad that I was able to overcome another milestone for myself, this is an unusual and very interesting experience. Although, to be honest, at some point I thought that I would not be able to cope with the task.

Alina Zagitova and Anna Shcherbakova support each other

Alina Zagitova and Anna Shcherbakova support each other

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

I was among very high-ranking and authoritative people, I did not want to lose face. We had only one day for preparation and general run. I realized that I don’t know almost any business terms, everyone tried to help me figure it out, it was difficult. On the day of the broadcast, I said to myself: “Alina, get together, you can do it, everything will be fine.” I took myself in hand, tuned in. I knew that the most important thing is to start confidently and correctly, then it will be a little easier. This is a completely new experience, a completely unfamiliar area for me – business and entrepreneurship. By the way, I was struck by the fact that schoolchildren create such large, large-scale business projects, this is truly impressive. And for myself, I’ll probably put three with a plus for now.

– Are there any other shows on TV that you would be interested in hosting?

– Of course. For example, I really like the project “Dancing”. I admire the way Laysan Utyasheva leads this show, I aspire to this level. In no case do I pretend to be her place, but such a format would be very interesting to me. Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to work with her. In general, I am open to suggestions. I am now at such an age when I can do something new in order to gain experience, developing myself not only as a TV presenter, but also as a person.

* according to the results survey on the website KP.RU dated December 12, 2012, which was attended by 413,272 people

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