Belarusian opposition as a mirror of the Russian one

"cutlet fairy" - they call Tikhanovskaya in Belarus itself

“Cutlet fairy” – they call Tikhanovskaya in Belarus itself

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The Russian liberal and Belarusian oppositions are similar to each other, like identical twins. The same faces, relationships, squabbles, division of portfolios and sweet dreams of how they will tear apart their countries after… Naturally, when they come to power.

Like their Russian “colleagues”, the Belarusian oppositionists have been trying for several months now to create their own governance structures, a kind of “government in exile”, moreover, each of the leaders of his clan is trying to push his rivals “in the fight”, sorry, comrades-in-arms, from financial flows, trying to to become “the only and uncontested leaders of the opposition”, as was the case with Navalny in Russia.

And, just like the same Nemtsov in Russia, who distributed insulting nicknames and impartial characteristics to his associates, the Belarusian oppositionists are not shy in their epithets. So, for example, a very old man who has lived in the United States since 2001, Semyon Sharetsky, also called Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who has been outside Belarus for many years now, “a cook who rules the state.” And he did this not in some private conversation, but at the “Forum of Democratic Forces of Belarus” organized and held in July in Berlin (how can one not recall by analogy the annual opposition “Congress of Free Russia”, regularly held by fugitive Russian liberals in Vilnius “) Not only that, Sharetsky accused Tikhanovskaya of usurping the protest and collaborating with Lukashenka, and although Sharetsky, in the language of “pique vests”, “this is the head”, he also changed Mieczysław Hryb himself as Chairman of the Supreme Council of Belarus, and for many modern The appearance of Sharetsky by the opposition is the same to the people as the exit of Lenin’s mummy from the Mausoleum, many at that forum supported him, accused her of inaction, “self-promotion” and embezzlement for their own needs of the funds that foreign sponsors allocate for “democracy in Belarus”. By the way, The forum was organized not by anyone, but by Tikhanovskaya’s rival in the presidential election, Valery Tsepkalo, who was never registered as a candidate, and, probably for this reason, since then, he has been very hostile to the “cutlet fairy”, as Tikhanovskaya is called in Belarus itself.

And do not be surprised that those gathered in Berlin tried to form their own “management company” – the National Council of the United Democratic Forces (Council). True, they immediately complained that even in comparison with Tikhanovskaya, their “mandate” to represent the interests of the people was “second freshness”. That is, none.

And it was completely predictable that the Tikhanovskaya Office would hold the conference “New Belarus” in the same Vilnius literally a month later, at which its participants created their own alternative executive body – the “Joint Transitional Cabinet” (Cabinet). As many experts are sure, the creation of the Cabinet was necessary to unite various opposition structures (“People’s Anti-Crisis Administration” by P. Latushko, BYPOL by A. Azarov, the “Pahonia” regiment (now fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ukraine), under the command of V. Sakhashchik, etc.) and for transparency in financial reporting to Western curators and sponsors.

As expected, then copulation and other life began immediately in the relationship of amphibians and reptiles. The Council immediately ran into the Cabinet. The council issued a statement that the Cabinet is nobody and nothing, because “the members of the Cabinet were not elected and cannot be legitimate representatives of the people of Belarus.” But just a few days later it became known that six of the 17 members of the Council announced their withdrawal from its composition. True, it turned out that they were put under pressure due to the fact that they did not agree on their participation as delegates in the Congress of Free Russia, held by Russian liberals.

And then it suddenly surfaced that the power units of the Belarusian opposition, which are now fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ukraine, are also not very friendly, to put it mildly. As a matter of fact, there are only two of them – the “Pahonia” regiment, which is headed by the “Minister of Defense” Tikhanovskaya Valery Sakhashchik, and the “Kastus Kalinovsky regiment.” The “Kastusevites” really don’t like the fact that all the financial assistance that is distributed through the BYSOL fund goes to the “Pagonya” regiment, and if they get it, it’s miserable crumbs. Therefore, the “Kastusevtsy” accused Tikhanovskaya’s supporters in the leadership of the fund of embezzlement of funds and equipment allocated for the needs of volunteer formations of Belarusians.

At the same time, “the regiment of Kastus Kalinovsky” also claims to be subject in politics and is ready to nominate its representatives to power to fight Lukashenka “after the victory over Russia in Ukraine.” Interestingly, the commander of “Pahoni” Sakhashchik also already negotiated with the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the allocation of Ukrainian militants “after the victory of Ukraine” to overthrow Lukashenko and the war in Belarus.

Very similar to how the Russian liberal opposition behaves. They gnaw at each other, intrigue, intrigue, just to curry favor with those who pay and order music. In reality, they are no longer interested in either democracy or Belarus. They are well aware that they have no real support in society, among the Belarusian people. Their only real interest is to guarantee themselves a comfortable existence. In general, as the character of Nikita Mikhalkov said in the film “State Counselor”: “Eat each other.” What they successfully do.

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