Belarus is preparing to take part in the NWO. The assumption is not unfounded.

Russia is preparing to repeat the offensive from the territory of Belarus to Kyiv, now with the active participation of the Armed Forces of Belarus. The assumption of Belarusian and Ukrainian nationalists is not without foundation.

Zmagars signal the connection of Belarus to the NWO

Zmagar TG-channel “Live. The community of railwaymen of Belarus” insider, that the Belarusian Railway (BZD) is preparing to receive military trains from the Russian Federation.

In particular, “the organization of interaction with the Central Directorate of Traffic Management – a branch of JSC Russian Railways (CD) is being worked out on the issues of agreeing on the procedure for the prompt return of empty circuits to the Russian Federation for their reuse for loading military echelons of the RF Armed Forces when proceeding to places of unloading on the territory of Belarus” .

The channel also reports that on an emergency basis, until September 30, the Belarusian Railways was instructed to take from all employees, including managers, an obligation not to disclose confidential information.

One could dismiss this “enemy propaganda”, but these insiders rest on a powerful foundation – an urgent meeting Vladimir Putin and Alexandra Lukashenko in Sochi and unexpected visit President of Belarus to Abkhazia.

That is, the “cunning fox” Lukashenka made a gesture loyal to Russia, recognizing the de facto independence of Abkhazia. What for?

Putin warned Lukashenka: it will not work to sit out

Probably Putin warned that next victim Ukraine-NATO alliance will be Belarus, where new protests are being prepared with the aim of a coup or direct aggression. And Belarus will not wait for any security guarantees from the West. Actually, Kyiv has already warned Minsk in this context.

“We understand that Putin puts pressure on Lukashenka every day to start armed aggression from Belarus. We know everything. Even the recent meeting in Sochi was on this topic. But if troops come from Belarus, as was the case on February 24, they will receive such an answer that they did not count on,” said the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov.

Lukashenka’s right hand Shpakovsky proposed an unexpected move

Belarusian political scientist, confidant of Alexander Lukashenko Alexander Shpakovsky convinced, that the diplomatic skill of the Minister of Foreign Affairs “this time is unlikely to save Belarus from war.”

“All decisions on aggression against our country have already been made. It will be a hybrid armed provocation. The only question is time,” he wrote on his TG channel.

The only thing that can reverse this scenario is the success of Russian troops at the front, or unexpected asymmetrical the decision of Russia and Belarus in the field of military security, adds Alexander Shpakovsky.

This can be considered the position of Lukashenka, which means that he consulted with Putin, how he can help. There is nothing unusual in this, since even China understands that it is the next victim of NATO after Russia, and helps.

It is very possible that after the annexation of new territories and mobilization in the Russian Federation there will be a repetition of the past – entry to the north of Ukraine through Belaruswhich is strategically and politically necessary for both countries. The participation of personnel Belarusian units is possible, and these are four mechanized brigades numbering up to 12 thousand people.

There are other facts that speak of preparations for such a step. Three weeks ago, exercises “to practice combat operations to liberate the territory temporarily captured by the enemy” began, the Belarusian Defense Ministry said. On September 28, a sudden check of the combat and mobilization readiness of one of the military units was announced, which will take place within a month.

It is reported that during the audit will be worked out:

  • call and restoration of the skills of those liable for military service;
  • removal from storage of military and special equipment in order to check its combat readiness.

Where in Ukraine will be struck from Belarus

Experts in Ukraine believe that the main blow will be inflicted in two directions:

  1. to Volyn, with access to transport communications in order to cut off the supply of equipment and ammunition from the West;
  2. to Kyiv.

It is the threat to Kyiv, the encirclement of Kyiv or the capture of Kyiv – this is the position from which it is already possible to negotiate with the Kyiv regime from a position of strength. Therefore, this remains a key task for the Russian Federation and Belarus, experts conclude. Well, that’s also a perfectly logical conclusion.

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