Belarus continues military exercises near the border of Ukraine

Military exercises in Belarus have been extended until at least August 6. The total number of such “continuations” is 14 weeks.

It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to the telegram channel Belarusian Gayun.

The schedule of the exercises at the Belarusian training grounds testifies to the continuation. For some polygons, July 30-31 will be a day off.

Such another continuation of the exercises for a week has been going on in Belarus since April 29. In general, the country has been extending them for 14 consecutive weeks.

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It is noted that “the Belarusian army has become more prepared for defense operations,” but it is still not ready for large-scale offensive operations due to the lack of real combat experience.

The monitoring group reports that it continues to monitor the actions and movements in Russia and across the territory Belarus.

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