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Behind the flight of an aircraft flying on the route Kuala Lumpur – Taipei, on board of which was the speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi, more than 700 thousand people watched on the Internet. The flight has become “the most tracked flight in the history of Flightradar24,” representatives of the public Internet service, which allows real-time tracking of aircraft movements, said the day before.

Nancy Pelosi’s first official visit to Taipei, amid threatening rhetoric from China, whose communist authorities claim Taiwan as their territory, was the main story of most of the world’s media. He did not go unnoticed in Germany either. Opinions of the leading politicians of Germany and the German press were divided on this issue.

Visiting permit not required

China should tone down, said Ulrich Lechte, foreign policy spokesman for the liberal Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) faction in the Bundestag. “Western politicians, diplomats and entrepreneurs will continue to visit Taiwan in the future. They do not need permission to do so,” he wrote on his website. “It would be worth considering that the German high representative could also make a visit. A member of the German government in Taipei – why not?” Rheinische Post.

Plane carrying Nancy Pelosi lands at Taipei airport

Historic moment: Nancy Pelosi plane lands at Taipei airport

The head of the Bundestag committee on international affairs, a member of the government coalition of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), Michael Roth, is in many ways in solidarity with him. “It is clear that the communist leadership in Beijing sees democracy and diplomacy as a threat,” he said. He noted that Pelosi is not the first senior American or European parliamentarian to visit Taiwan. These “visits are not aggressive or provocative. They do not pose a threat to China’s territorial integrity,” the politician wrote on his Twitter.

“Completely unacceptable” called China’s threatening gestures in connection with Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, Christian Democratic Union (CDU) foreign policy expert Norbert Röttgen. “The Chinese leadership’s repeated open statements that, if necessary, it will achieve ‘reunification’ with Taiwan through military force should be unequivocally condemned,” the politician said in an interview with the group’s publications. Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland. At the same time, Röttgen considered that the timing of the visit was extremely unfortunate. “At present, there is more than enough international tension in connection with Russia’s aggressive war,” he said.

The Left Party’s foreign policy expert Gregor Gysi was unambiguously critical of the visit. He recalled that the Chinese leadership is absolutely irreconcilable when it comes to territorial issues. “As you know, if a state has diplomatic relations with Taiwan, it does not have diplomatic relations with China. It is in the interests of the people of Taiwan to refrain from any provocation by Western states,” Gizi said. German news portal Watson. According to the leftist politician, Beijing will leave Taipei alone as long as the communist leadership does not see a threat to the “one China policy”.

Rhetoric can quickly turn into aggression

While in Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi did not forget about the war in Ukraine. “As Russia wages its deliberate, illegal war against Ukraine, killing thousands of innocent people – even children – it is important that America and our allies make it clear that we will never give in to autocrats,” she said. The fact that the confrontation between Beijing and Taipei is largely developing according to the scenario that led to today’s bloodshed in Ukraine was also noted by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, presenting her vision of German geopolitics during a speech at the private research university New School in New York. York.

“China’s statements on Taiwan raise serious questions,” she said, recalling that the past months have shown how quickly rhetoric can turn into aggression. “It is unacceptable for us when a larger country, contrary to all norms of international law, invades its territory. smaller neighbor – and this, of course, applies to China.

“China is like an elephant in a china shop”

The German press, in general, rather sided with Nancy Pelosi. “The timing of the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan is really not very convenient. While Russia’s war against Ukraine is testing the resilience of Western states and their economies, we need anything but a new conflict with China. But, according to In fact, Pelosi is right: Taiwan’s democracy deserves our support, and we cannot allow China to veto how we deal with the island nation.” in the commentary of the newspaper Die Welt.

At the same time, according to the publication, the Western world “should not be impressed by the usual tactics of intimidation emanating from Beijing”: “Like Russia in Europe, China behaves in Asia like a bull in a china shop. And, as the example of Russia showed, cowardice in front of the face of bullies only invites them to even more aggressive behavior.”

A similar position was expressed by the German newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung. “To pour oil on a blazing fire when tension between the US and China is already at an all-time high – not a very smart idea,” the article notes. But “for all Pelosi’s eulogies of Taiwanese democracy, the purpose of this fleeting visit is almost exclusively to show Beijing its limits.” – says in the comments of the German edition.

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