Beijing sent Washington to “three Chinese characters”

The United States tried to probe China’s position on the Taiwan issue, saying that the speaker of the US Congress Nancy Pelosand is going to visit Taiwan, which China considers its territory. But Xi effectively gave Biden an ultimatum. This opinion was expressed by a journalist and blogger Yuriy Podolyaka.

The Biden administration wanted to have a bargaining chip before the talks between the leaders of China and the United States, the expert believes.

According to the Chinese media, Xi Jinping said that if the “American old woman” sets foot on the soil of Taiwan, then this will completely untie China’s hands in further actions on the Taiwan issue, the analyst said.

“That is, the Chinese leader sent an American colleague” to “three Chinese characters”, and Joseph Biden wiped himself off,” Podolyaka suggested.

In his opinion, in the USA they still think in old categories, not realizing that they are already openly sent to “three Chinese characters, three Russian letters”, and will soon be sent to three other letters, depending on the country where the Americans will stick their nose .

According to the blogger, the United States showed its weakness when, on the very eve of Pelosi’s visit, it became known that she would not fly to Taiwan, but would make her usual unnecessary tour of Asia.

The sharp escalation in Serbia was probably deliberately invented by the Americans to cover up their defeat and switch the world agenda to another issue: so that everyone would talk about a possible war in Europe and quickly forget about the American Taiwanese disgrace, the expert concluded.

Note that the issue of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan remains open. Today there was a message that the American politician will arrive there on August 2.

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