Beglov was amused by the story of the deceived equity holders of the residential complex “Lomonosov”

The governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, during a direct line on December 10, again commented on the problems of the Lomonosov residential complex. Like a year ago, Beglov stressed that the issue is under control, and problems are being gradually eliminated. It is noteworthy that the story of deceived equity holders caused the official to laugh, although the residents themselves hardly find the situation amusing.

Last year, during a direct line, Alexander Beglov commented on the problems of the unfinished construction of the Lomonosov residential complex. Then the governor announced that the issues were being resolved, and promisedthat the second building will be commissioned by the end of 2021.

The second building of the residential complex “Lomonosov”, indeed, was commissioned on December 30, 2021, but the housing turned out to be unsuitable for life. The apartment owners did not want to accept the house with obvious problems, but succumbed to the promises of officials that the building would be put in order in February 2022. However, the house was not ready either by the end of winter or after, despite repeated appeals to Smolny and media coverage of the problem.

There are many families with children and disabled people among the residents of the Lomonosov residential complex, but their problems, obviously, did not bother the authorities. The elevators did not work in the house, the roof was leaking, there was water in the basement and underground parking, and the electrical wiring could not withstand the load. In addition, there were interruptions in the water supply, and people took water from a cistern on the street. Due to the constant dampness, mold started up in the building, and the brick lining of the building flew around. In other words, the new house was collapsing before our eyes.

Tired of the inaction of the city authorities, the residents turned to the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin. After the check, a criminal case was initiated under Part 1 of Art. 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (negligence) when taking into operation an apartment building.

“All apartment owners demand to punish not only the developer, who has already become a defendant in a criminal case, but also officials who accepted an unfinished house,” the press service of the RF IC notes.

After contacting Bastrykin, the matter moved off the “dead point” – by the end of November, the roof was repaired, the basement was drained, and the facades were insulated. However, the problem is still far from completely eliminated.

In this regard, the problems of the second building of the residential complex “Lomonosov” were again voiced in a direct line with the governor. Resident Svetlana Yezhova again complained about the non-working elevators of a 9-storey building, noting that people not only live in such conditions, but also make repairs.

Beglov assured that he is well aware of the situation of the Lomonosov residential complex. However, the problems of people living in an unfinished house for a year did not seem to touch the governor. At the same time, the head of St. Petersburg spoke with a laugh about the actions of developers who tried to evade justice. Beglov did not mention the fact that criminal cases were also initiated against the officials who convinced the residents to accept the unfinished object.

“In the residential complex Lomonosov” swindlers staged a real pyramid. They collected money from the St. Petersburg equity holders, and spent it on the completion of facilities in the Leningrad region. The second building, which Svetlana writes about, was rented out by an old developer. He had comments. But instead of eliminating them, the developer abandoned the object and tried to escape,” Beglov said with a laugh.

The governor assured the townspeople that the situation is under control. The answer to a specific question – when the elevators will work – has not been sounded.

Earlier it was reported that Governor Alexander Beglov, during a direct line, announced unsatisfactory living conditions in “Khrushchev”. Arguing in favor of the demolition of five-story buildings, Beglov declaredthat such apartments are “unsafe”, and the rooms in them are too small and are only 5-7 meters. Such ignorance of the realities outraged the residents of St. Petersburg, who noted that the governor had not studied the issue.

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