Before you plunge into the reservoir, you need to assess its condition – Bolgov

At the height of the summer season, head of the laboratory of the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences at the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Bolgov in a comment to Pravda.Ru, he told what vacationers who were going to freshen up in the water should pay attention to.

So, according to the expert, first of all, it is necessary to inspect the place for swimming in order to ensure that there is no turbulent current, mud, landfill, where you can easily injure your leg or something else.

The head of the laboratory noted that on a hot day it is best to take water procedures in reservoirs with a sign allowing swimming in this place.

“We have an organization Sanepidnadzor, as it is now called, and it is obliged on all city beaches to take a water sample from time to time for a sanitary situation and draw a conclusion whether it is possible to swim or not, since each activity has its own types of restrictions on chemical and bacteriological pollution reservoirs,” he explained.

As for the rivers, lakes in the villages, Bolgov advises to focus on the local population, which is probably aware of whether there is a manure storage there or an emission from some enterprise.

“Usually, the water in such reservoirs does not contain any toxic chemicals, otherwise everything would have died there a long time ago. A normal reservoir with water lilies, with other vegetation is quite suitable for swimming,” he said.

The interlocutor of Pravda.Ru recommends avoiding water from a reservoir, as well as ponds with flowering duckweed, from getting into your mouth, because it is precisely this that is an indicator that the process of eutrophication has already begun, in simple words, the quality of water is deteriorating due to the excessive flow of so-called biogenic elements, primarily nitrogen and phosphorus compounds.

Earlier it was reported that out of 15 objects in the Perm Territory sanitary and epidemiological standards corresponds to only one body of water.

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