Bed scenes from Bogomolov, conflict with Sobchak and betrayal of Milokhin: Daria Moroz revealed the inside of show business

Actress Daria Moroz admitted that she was funny while filming sex scenes in "kept women"

Actress Daria Moroz admitted that she was funny while filming sex scenes in “Kept Women”


One of the most sought-after Russian actresses, Daria Moroz, is regularly in working condition: either on the set, or at a rehearsal, or at a performance. And, nevertheless, the artist found time to talk with the FametimeTV YouTube blog about the sensational series “Kept Women”, Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov, daughter and famous stepmother.


“Kept Women” in a certain sense opened the door to the world of freedom on the screen. And not just scenes for the sake of scenes, but they expose the characters, they are elements of the picture that support the dramaturgy of relationships. It’s one thing when we go naked at home, and another thing when it’s transferred to the movies. And it’s so beautiful and realistic. It was a bit of a shock, but it was fair. And artistic. When we were filming a big candid scene with Volodya Mishukov in the first season of The Kept Women, we had three walkie-talkies around, and Bogomolov commented on how to do it for the entire two hours that we were filming: “Slower, faster, hand not here. Do not hurry. Let’s roll over.” There was not a second when we would be left alone with ourselves. It was hilariously funny”


“How can you react? (blogger escaped in the middle of the project, leaving the organizers and partner Evgenia Medvedev with nothing – Auth.). This is a setup for the project, for Zhenya. As it happens in sports: if the guys go to the training camp, and someone is a minute late, he goes on foot. So in the sports world this is impossible in principle. And it’s impossible for me too. Tired? Well everyone is tired. In the project, we really had a difficult mode, because we actually put on 2 numbers in 10 days. Hard mode. Everyone was on edge. But we all agreed to it. How could you leave your partner? .. “


“What they don’t write about me. And Xenia even more so. Maybe you should ask her [подразумевала ли она в своих постах Дарью]. Or don’t. There was nothing of the sort on my part. And yes, listen. Kamon. Go down to showdown on the network? … Seriously? You can personally find out. I think if it is not interesting to one side, then the other too. At least in the summer, Anya (daughter of Daria from Konstantin Bogomolov), with her dad and Ksenia, all go to rest together – I am happy to let her go, in the winter they go skiing “


“I call Victoria Isakova (whom the father of the actress married, director Yuri Moroz – Auth.) “My stepmother.” It is clear that for a girl who has lost her mother, a new father’s woman is always stressful. Although I tried to support him in this and understood that until old age he would not be left alone. Some things bothered me. I wanted to make sure that no one offended dad. Yes, and Vika was not easy, because she received an 18-year-old stepdaughter. Not the easiest situation. But we have come to the system of relationships that we have now. I see her as cool and positive. No corners. Although we are both artists “


“The first kiss in my life was in the frame. At the age of 17 (in the picture of George Danelia “Fortune” – with Alexei Kravchenko). Even at 16. It happened. Did not like. Somehow it was like that, I don’t know … I didn’t tell anyone about the fact that I kissed for the first time. I felt awkward. Although according to the plot, we got married, and my heroine was then pregnant. In real life I am a more bashful person than in the movies.

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