Became known the size of the state of King Charles III

At the moment, the monarch's assets are approximately $42.5 billion.

At the moment, the monarch’s assets are approximately $42.5 billion.

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After the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, her son, 73-year-old Prince Charles, turned into King Charles III and immediately attracted the attention of the world press to his person.

At the moment, the monarch’s assets amount to approximately $42.5 billion, of which he personally got $500 million from the deceased mother.


The last will of the deceased queen is a secret document of national importance. It will be possible to find out exactly who and what got after the death of Her Majesty only after 90 years. Until then, the media will use rumors and unconfirmed information.

At the same time, it is already known that Charles III will get Balmoral Castle, a huge collection of works of art, philatelic rarities, as well as a number of personal investments that previously belonged to the queen. In total, the size of the inheritance in this part is estimated at half a billion dollars.

An interesting fact is the absence of inheritance tax – this is the prerogative of monarchs. Otherwise, Charles III would have to share with the state, which would get 40% of the bequeathed amount.

crown assets

This is property that does not belong personally to the king or queen of Britain, but to the entire royal family, including the fugitive Prince Harry and his wife. Nevertheless, it is the monarch who nominally manages the funds, although he does not have the right to sell most of these assets or put them in his personal pocket.

According to experts, the British crown owns assets worth more than $42 billion.

The greatest part of the wealth of the British royal family is: vast land plots, including the famous Ascot racecourse, the main shopping street in London, Regent Street, the seabed around the island states and more. The value of this piece of property is approximately $17.5 billion.

Profits from crown property go to the country’s treasury, and a quarter of it, in the form of a sovereign grant, goes to provide for the royal family. So, for example, this year the sovereign grant amounted to more than $99.5 million.

In second place in terms of importance in the row of royal wealth are various collections: over the centuries of rule, English monarchs managed to concentrate in their hands works of art worth about $ 12.7 billion.

Royal castles are valued at about $9.5 billion. Among them, the most expensive is Buckingham Palace, the cost of which reaches almost $5 billion.

Against this background, the sums of possessions in the Duchy of Cornwall ($1.2 billion), the property of the crown in Scotland ($570 million) and the Duchy of Lancaster ($750 million) are completely lost.

And one more thing

Despite the fact that Charles III disposes of the wealth of the British crown solely by the right of the monarch and cannot turn them into his personal capital, it would be naive to believe that he is a poor man. During his decades as the Prince of Wales, he learned how to make a lot of money investing on behalf of the Duchy of Cornwall in offshore funds and profiting from it.

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