Became known the scheme of delivery of explosives to the Crimean bridge to commit a terrorist attack

war correspondent Alexander Kots described a scheme for delivering explosives to the Crimean bridge to carry out a terrorist attack. According to him, two heavy vehicles participated in the operation.

“The cargo – 22 pallets of film, 9 rolls each (one pallet weighs about a ton) – arrived by sea in the Georgian port of Poti from Bulgaria. The customer was a citizen of Ukraine. Then it was loaded onto a truck with foreign numbers, the driver communicated with the customer via WhatsApp “From Poti the truck went to Armenia, where the cargo was cleared according to the rules of the Customs Union. Then the truck again entered Georgia, and from it – to the territory of the Russian Federation through the Upper Lars checkpoint. The end point was the city of Armavir, where the pallets were reloaded onto another truck, which went towards the Crimea,” Kots reports.

Probably, the explosive was placed in rolls of film in such a way that the X-ray did not detect it, the military commander expresses his opinion. According to him, this was done in Bulgariawhich means that not only Ukraine, but also foreign intelligence services took part in the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is investigating the blowing up of the bridge. The driver of the first truck is already giving his testimony, he was most likely used blindly by the organizers of the attack, Kotz said.

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