Barack Obama called progress economic problems in the United States

Former US President Barack Obama believes that progress is being made in the United States. So he commented on the situation in the country’s economy.

Speaking about the fall in gross domestic product (GDP) in the United States in the second quarter, the ex-president said that “progress doesn’t happen all at once and looks like this”.

Barack Obama also appreciated the work of the administration and lawmakers on the economic agenda of US President Joe Biden. According to him, the adoption of the proposed norms will reduce the cost of goods and the country’s dependence on foreign semiconductors, Prime reports.

It is worth noting that the economic situation in the US is a big problem for the current administration. Rising gasoline prices, inflation and other problems became the reasons for the constant criticism of Joe Biden and his policies.

Many observers believe that these problems could cause the Democrats to lose the election in November. The vote will elect a new House of Representatives and a third of the Senate.

And the chances are very high that the Republicans will be able to take revenge. At least they exploit the topic of economic problems very actively.

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