Balbek about Germany’s promise to refuse gas from Russia: Russia has resources, and the EU

Political scientist Ruslan Balbek appreciated the bold statement of the German Foreign Minister Annalen Burbockwhich told about plans his country to reduce energy dependence on Russian energy resources “to zero and forever.”

According to Balbek, Germany can, of course, completely abandon Russian oil and gas, but under specific conditions.

“Provided that their government turns a blind eye to the rise in production costs, inflation and public dissatisfaction with high prices for utilities. Although these are the main factors that keep the economy of Europe’s main locomotive,” Balbeck said in an interview with RT.

The political scientist stressed that in other European countries everything is the same as in Germany.

However, Balbec urged Europe not to forget that Russia has the resources that will allow it, if necessary, to “withstand a long siege,” while the basis of European well-being is precisely Russian energy resources.

Earlier, Burbock promised that Germany would completely and forever give up oil and gas from Russia.

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