Baku has become insolent by providing direct assistance to Ukraine. Need a proper answer

Azerbaijan is pursuing an anti-Russian policy, directly helping Ukraine and zealously following the sanctions of the West. Moscow must ensure adequate pressure on Baku.

The suffering of the Ukrainian people is seen in Baku. And the people of Donbass – nothing

Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko confirmed the receipt of energy equipment from Azerbaijan, which is intended to replace destroyed during the NWO RF.

This is about first a consignment weighing more than 52 tons, which contains power transformers and generators for the repair and maintenance of the energy system of Ukraine, Galushchenko wrote on the social network.

According to the Gaz-Batyushka TG-channel, 10 kV transformers were handed over to Kyiv. The total cost of the equipment exceeds $800,000. However, it is unlikely that “humanitarian aid” will stabilize the Ukrainian energy system, specialists of the TG channel point out.

A press release from the Azerbaijani diplomatic mission says that the assistance was provided with the aim of “restoring a stable supply of electricity to the affected territories” as “aid to the Ukrainian people.”

However, if you look at what kind of assistance Baku sent to the affected people of Donbass over the 8 years of their struggle against Ukrainian terror, it turns out that this is absolutely nothing.

Baku supplied the Armed Forces with weapons and fuel

As writes Armenian Weekly citing the Iraqi Telegram channel Sabereen News, Azerbaijan supplied aerial bombs to Ukraine. The information was confirmed by other publications. This was probably a response to the supply of white phosphorus ammunition to Azerbaijan, which was used during the hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020.

This statement was made on Wednesday by the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate of the US Congress. Robert Menendez .

Previously held informationthat the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) has announced free refueling of Ukrainian ambulances and fire trucks. Former President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the leader of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev promised to help his country with oil products due to the shortage of oil. It is possible that the tanks and planes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also supplied with Azerbaijani fuel.

Baku could not adhere to Western sanctions in Turkey

Maybe Baku is at least helping Russia bypass the sanctions? Not at all. SOCAR last week stopped purchases of Russian crude oil for its Turkish refinery, although Turkey has not joined the agreement on the ceiling on Russian oil and, in general, sanctions against the Russian Federation. That is, SOCAR is not threatened by anything in Turkey.

Let us add that, according to the tripartite agreements on Karabakh, there is constant strong pressure on Russia from Baku: one cannot call Karabakh Nagorny, then the Azerbaijanis must be allowed to go to the mines in the Armenian enclave, or the peacekeepers allegedly allow the Armenian forces to transport weapons and ammunition through the Lachin corridor.

Azerbaijan is part of Ankara’s Turan project

Meanwhile, it is obvious that Baku is playing on the side of Ankara, which “Turan“sets the goal of destroying the Russian Federation and” giving the Turkic-speaking brothers freedom. “Moscow seems to not see this point-blank, preferring to discuss alliances and transfer control of Russian gas exports to Ankara and Baku.

It is clear that it is not from a good life – gas must be sold, otherwise there will be no money for CVO, but at least direct assistance to Ukraine must be slowed down somehow. How? Creation of an adequate threat.

In particular, against the Turkic union, supporting Iran. The Iranian authorities, in addition to direct military assistance in Syria and the supply of technology for the NVO, are on the side of Russia and in the Transcaucasus.

Shiites make up about 85% of the population of Azerbaijan. Speaking at the UTC summit in Samarkand on November 11, Ilham Aliyev accused Iran of oppressing Azerbaijanis. At the same time, the idea of ​​the so-called “South Azerbaijan” is actively disseminated by Azerbaijani and Turkish state TV channels.

“It may well happen that Iran will at some point be forced to launch its own special military operation to protect the Shiite population and Iranian-speaking minorities,” expert Alexander Knyazev believes.

These contradictions must be used. How – know the competent authorities. The Americans have learned to do it well, inflating Russophobia in the post-Soviet space.

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