Baerbock reiterates in Warsaw that there will be no war reparations to Poland

Krakow (Poland), 4 Oct. The German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, reiterated this Tuesday in Warsaw that her government considers the issue of paying war reparations to Poland “finished”.

In a press conference after his interview with his Polish counterpart, Zbigniew Rau, Baerbock acknowledged his country’s “historical responsibility” for “what he did to Poland”, but rejected Polish demands to reopen the payment issue. compensation for World War II.

For his part, Minister Rau affirmed that “Polish society continues to be traumatized” by “the attack and occupation” of his country in 1939 and opined that “this prevents further development of Polish-German relations”, for which ” It’s time to deal with this problem.”

The Polish minister announced yesterday the sending of a diplomatic note to the German government to urge it to “take immediate action” on war reparations to Poland.

In his speech, Rau referred to that document to reiterate “the conviction that both parties must take immediate action for a permanent, definitive, comprehensive, legal and material resolution regarding the issue of the consequences of German aggression and occupation.”

So far this year, Rau and Baerbock have held three bilateral meetings, which both ministers agreed to point out as evidence of “the intensity” of relations between Berlin and Warsaw.

Likewise, both diplomats agreed to underline the support for Ukraine of their respective governments and to condemn “the organization of false referendums by Russia in the occupied Ukrainian territories” of the provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk.

A few weeks ago, the Polish Parliament approved a resolution to demand that Germany assume “political, historical, legal and financial” responsibility for the consequences of the Second World War, which in the Polish case amounts to the payment of approximately 1.35 billions of euros as war reparations.

While Berlin alleges that in 1953 the Polish government waived such compensation, the current Polish government claims that this decision was illegal and non-binding because it was made by a “forced” government under Soviet influence.

Speaking before Rau and Baerbock’s press conference, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński said that “it is likely” that neither this nor the next generation “will see an end to this case”, but “since Germany is rule of law”, must “respect the law that says that if you attack someone, you must pay for it”. EFE


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