Backbone enterprises in Russia: a list of who is included

Citizens with higher education working in some areas will not be attracted to military service for partial mobilization

Citizens with higher education working in some areas will not be attracted to military service for partial mobilization

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Ministry of Defense decided not to involve specialists from high-tech industries and a number of financial sector organizations in the partial mobilization. Among those who will not be called up are citizens with higher education working in certain specialties in the banking sector, the IT sector, organizations that are mobile operators, as well as in the media. According to the Ministry of Defense, they explained that this was due to the need to ensure the stable operation of the country’s financial system, as well as high-tech industries and backbone enterprises.

Here’s what it says in the directive of the Ministry of Defense. Citizens with higher education who work:

– in accredited organizations operating in the field of information technology and those involved in the development, development, implementation, maintenance and operation of IT solutions, as well as in ensuring the functioning of the information infrastructure;

– in organizations that are Russian telecom operators and those involved in ensuring the stability, security and integrity of the functioning of individual communication facilities, including data processing centers, as well as communication facilities and communication lines of the public communication network of the Russian Federation;

– in backbone organizations in the field of information and communicationas well as their interdependent persons who are the founder and (or) editorial office, publisher of a registered mass media and (or) broadcaster of a TV channel, radio channel and are involved in the production and (or) distribution of media products;

– in organizations that ensure the stability of the national payment system and infrastructure of the financial market, bank liquidity management, cash circulation.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense did not publish a specific list of organizations. KP.RU tried to figure out which employees of which organizations would not be subject to partial mobilization.

As it turned out, in the register of accredited organizations, operating in the field of information technology (it is published on the website of the Ministry of Digital Development) there are more than 30 thousand companies. Whether the heads of all these companies will be able to submit data to the General Staff so that their employees do not fall under partial mobilization is still unknown. The Ministry of Digital Development only clarified that employees with higher education who work in their specialty full-time will not be able to fall under the mobilization. As stated in the message of the Ministry of Defense, the lists provided by the heads of the relevant organizations will be considered the basis for exemption from conscription for military service for mobilization. How exactly companies should act in order to issue a deferment from military service for their employees is still unknown. The Ministry of Digital Development clarified that this procedure is being specified.

The list of backbone companies in the field of information and communications includes 79 organizations. Among them are Yandex,, Rambler, Kaspersky Lab, Rostelecom, T2 Mobile, MGTS, MTS, Vympel-Communications, Gazprom Space Systems, Russian Post , publishing houses “Eksmo” and “Prosveshchenie”, newspapers “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, “Arguments and Facts”, “Kommersant”, news agencies “Russia Today” and ITAR-TASS, VGTRK, “Channel One”, ” TV Center”, TV companies “Mir” and “Star” and others.

With regard to organizations providing stability of the national payment system and financial marketthen the head of the Central Bank has already made an explanation Elvira Nabiullina. According to her, employees of the Bank of Russia, financial infrastructure organizations and those who are employed in important areas in banks will be able to receive a deferment.

“Such employees of the financial sector include specialists responsible for critical infrastructure, payments and settlements, collection, operation and protection of information systems, shift workers and specialists working with the public and enterprises,” Nabiullina said.

According to her, the delay for employees of the banking and financial sector is important so that people receive salaries, pensions and benefits on time, payment cards work, money transfers go and loans are issued.

The heads of which particular banks will be able to apply for their employees to receive a deferment from the army is still unknown.

Komsomolskaya Pravda sent a request to the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation with a request to provide an up-to-date list of IT companies, telecom operators and the media, whose employees are subject to the right to deferment from mobilization. We will publish this information as soon as we receive a response.


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