“Azov” on recognition as a “terrorist organization”

The Azov regiment commented on the information about the recognition of the regiment as a terrorist organization.

According to Ukrinform, about this in Telegram reports Azov-Mariupol.

“After the public execution of the prisoners of war of the Azov regiment in the settlement of Olenevka, Russia is looking for new reasons and explanations for its war crimes. The Supreme Court of Russia recognized the Azov regiment as a “terrorist organization”. A non-empire that daily threatens to destroy the world with nuclear weapons, whose the president called for “soaking in toilets”, blowing up houses with his own citizens, suffocating his own and Syrian women and children with poisonous gas, he must get hit in the teeth once and for all,” the statement says.

“Azov” called on the US State Department and the authorized bodies of other states that consider themselves civilized to recognize the Russian Federation as a terrorist state

As noted, Russia has been proving this status with its daily actions for many years. Every day, its army and special services commit war crimes, and connivance or silence is complicity in these crimes.

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As reported by Ukrinform, the Supreme Court of Russia recognized the Azov regiment as a terrorist organization and banned its activities in Russia.

Law enforcers opened criminal proceedings on the fact that Russia shelled Olenivka in the Donetsk region, as a result of which about 40 people died and 130 were injured.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian military deliberately fired on the colony in Olenivka, where Ukrainian prisoners of war were kept.

The General Staff called the Kremlin’s statements about the alleged shelling of civilian infrastructure and the population by the Armed Forces of Ukraine “an outright lie and a provocation.” On July 29, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense stated that, according to available information from Ukrainian intelligence, the killing of Ukrainian prisoners in the temporarily occupied Olenivka, Donetsk region, was carried out by mercenaries from the Wagner private military company.

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