AvtoVAZ offers employees of the Izhevsk Automobile Plant up to seven salaries – if only they quit as soon as possible

According to auto expert Morzharetto, the company wants to assemble an electric car - this does not require a lot of staff

According to auto expert Morzharetto, the company wants to assemble an electric car – this does not require a lot of staff

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Well, at least our auto industry has learned something from foreign manufacturers! But, unfortunately, it’s not about quality or technology: AvtoVAZ adopted from its Western colleagues the habit of paying people well to get rid of them. For example, in June, Volkswagen offered employees of an enterprise in Nizhny Novgorod to voluntarily resign and receive six salaries for this. And now the employees of one of the oldest automobile plants in the country – Izhevsk, which is part of AvtoVAZ, have received a “best offer” for the exit.

The management of the parent company is ready to give good compensation for voluntary dismissal, plus assistance in finding employment, as well as in retraining for other professions. The amount of compensation is 5 average wages or 12 minimum wages*, whichever is greater. And those who have reached retirement age are ready to pay even seven average salaries if they agree to take a well-deserved rest ahead of schedule.

The problem is that the production of the Lada Vesta car, which was produced at this plant, has stopped for 5 months already – components are not coming from abroad. The workers even wrote a letter to President Putin with a request to prevent the closure of the car factory.

– Now we are not talking about closing the enterprise, but about its re-profiling, – explained autoexpert, partner of the company “Avtostat” Igor Morzharetto. – Most likely, the Lada Vesta car will no longer be produced there. And they will collect an electric car. What question. I think we can talk about a new version of an existing model – perhaps this is a Lada Largus commercial van, it is in great demand. The production of electric vehicles requires fewer workers, so the employees of the car plant, primarily retirees and pre-retirees, were asked to quit.

In the future, according to the expert, it is planned to organize the production of components necessary for the domestic auto industry, including those that are now produced abroad, at the plant. And they also want to create an industrial park Lada-Izhevsk on the territory of the plant, in which a variety of production facilities will be opened – not only related to the automotive industry, AvtoVAZ said in a statement. The task is to create new jobs, so that those who have quit may well return to the old walls.

* The minimum wage in Udmurtia is now 15,279 rubles. Thus, the minimum compensation for dismissal of 12 “minimal wages” will be 183 thousand rubles.


Collected “Muscovites” and “Kalash”

The construction of a car factory in Izhevsk began in 1965, and the first car rolled off the assembly line in December 1966, it was Moskvich-408. Moreover, it was produced in one of the buildings of the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant, the same one where Kalashnikov assault rifles were produced and where the famous gunsmith himself worked.

Parts and components for the Izhevsk “Moskvich” were supplied from the capital’s AZLK. The most massive was the “Moskvich-412” – from 1967 to 1999, more than 2 million units were produced.

The Moskvich-434 and Izh-2125 (Izh-Kombi) vans were also in use, very popular among summer residents who bring potatoes to the market. The most recognizable brand of the enterprise was the Izh-2715 minivan, popularly called it the “heel”.

In the 70s, the design capacity of the plant was increased to 200,000 cars per year. And by January 1989, the plant had produced the three millionth car.

For many years, automotive production was part of a defense holding and was separated into an independent enterprise only in the 90s. The car plant was designed by the French company Renault, the production lines were assembled by foreign specialists – they were given admission to a defense enterprise, an unheard of thing at that time.

In the 2000s, the plant produced the VAZ-2104 and VAZ-2106, and then the Korean KIA Rio and KIA Sorento. And since 2011 it has been a subsidiary of AvtoVAZ.

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