Aviation of the Russian Federation “smashes” the positions of militants at Azovstal with large-caliber bombs

During periods of closure of humanitarian corridors, aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces deliver powerful missile and bomb strikes with large-caliber ammunition at the locations of Ukrainian militants – members of the Azov group * on the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

This morning, May 10, one of the workshop complexes, which has an entrance to part of the underground premises where about 250 militants were hiding, was hit. During periods of calm, they began to show fire activity, and also mined the passages used Russian military and the DPR, writes “Military Review”.

The use of a large-caliber bomb on the fortified area of ​​neo-Nazi militants at Azovstal was demonstrated today in a video by the WarGonzo Telegram channel.

*Ukrainian nationalist battalion, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation

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