“Avatar: The Way of Water” secretly overtakes “Cheburashka” at the Russian box office

For show "Avatar" in Russia, a trick with “pre-session service” was invented.

For the screening of “Avatar” in Russia, a trick with “pre-show service” was invented.

Legally James Cameron’s Avatar. The Way of Water ”could not enter the Russian rental. Back in March, Hollywood studios announced a boycott to Russia and stopped releasing their films here. However, Russian film networks are now slowly borrowing copies of Hollywood blockbusters from the CIS (in Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan, tapes continue to be released, and in Russian dubbing). And they show them in Russia. They just invented a trick with “pre-session service”: the audience is shown some kind of domestic short film, tickets are formally sold for it, and in front of it, as if as a free pre-session “warm-up”, a Hollywood super hit is shown.

The list of the 20 highest-grossing films on Thursday, according to the EAIS system, includes such films as “The Commentator”, “Three Good Deeds”, “I SEE”, “Speed ​​Dating”, “Men Don’t Cry”, “Save the Planet”, “Alone on vacation”, “About Mom”, “Rally ON / OFF”, “Blood”, “Gone Chekhovian”. For the most part, these are all Russian short films (although Save the Planet, for example, is an American documentary on global warming). And all these are pseudonyms under which Avatar is hiding. If you look further down the rankings, there are many more of these short films that hide the film of James Cameron.

Alexander Nechaev, editor-in-chief of the Film Distributor’s Bulletin, says:

– This is a display without the permission of the copyright holders, and the Disney company that released Avatar. The Way of the Water”, will not receive a cent from the rental in Russia. If you do not play the games that the cinemas started and call a spade a spade – and we have decided to do just that in our publication since the beginning of this year – it will turn out that Avatar has every chance of becoming the leader of the current weekend in the Russian film distribution. He will either remove Cheburashka from the first place in the list of the highest grossing films of the weekend, or will go head to head with him.

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