Avatar 2 becomes the highest-grossing film of 2022, collecting under two billion dollars: Cameron targets seven parts of the project

Avatar 2 is the highest-grossing film of 2022

Avatar 2 is the highest-grossing film of 2022

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As expected, sequel “Avatar” which the public had been waiting for 13 years, exceeded all expectations. “For the sake of this, cinemas were opened” – approximately such an assessment of the second part of the film can briefly describe the delight of the audience. The collection of the film “Avatar: The Way of Water” speaks for itself: more than 1.7 billion dollars in three weeks and, as a result, well deserved record 2022 (the first part of the fantastic blockbuster collected 2.9 billion dollars).

Of course, predatory Hollywood producers could not close the project at its peak. Moreover, rumors about the continuation of “Avatar” were actively dispersed by and the director of the film, James Cameron.

Now – officially – the author of the film has confirmed that he will drive the bike for a long time and bring Avatar to at least a fifth part.

“Given the pace of box office, the film will start paying off in a few days. It seems that I can’t get out – I’ll have to release the rest of the parts, ”the director flirted.

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By “the rest” is meant the fourth and fifth part of the franchise, the scripts for which have already been written. It remains to translate the text into action. This Cameron and will be engaged in the next at least seven years with Disney. At least some outlines of the upcoming paintings have already been set. The release of the third part of “Avatar” is already scheduled for December 2024. There, the director will bring into action the evil representatives of the Navi race (emphasis on the first syllable) – the antagonists of the main characters.

“The first films feature very bad people and very good Navi,” Cameron reminded. “Avatar 3 will show the opposite. We explore new worlds, continuing the story of the main characters [серии]. The last parts will be the best. The rest of the films were an introduction, a kind of appetizer before the main course.

The story of Jake Sully is likely to end in the third part. And this should not upset fans of the picture, because even the fourth and fifth parts may not be the last! Cameron said that he already had ideas and developments in his head for the sixth (!) and seventh (!!) Avatar series. True, the director, who is in a sober mind, admits that he himself will hardly be able to single-handedly bring the project to the final – he will be under 90 years old at the time of filming the seventh part of the franchise. But when and who did it stop in Hollywood?

A photo: film frame

James has no doubt that a talented assistant will be selected for him, the reshuffle will be successful, and Avatar will turn from just a top-grossing attraction film into the world’s coolest fantasy saga (may Star Wars fans forgive him).

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