Australian senator calls Queen Elizabeth II a ‘colonizer’

Victorian Senator Lydia Thorpe before being sworn in.

Victorian Senator Lydia Thorpe before being sworn in.

A photo: YouTube

Australian Senator from Victoria Lydia Thorpe during the swearing in named Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain as a “colonizer”.

Lydia Alma Thorp, 48, represents Victoria, the Greens and Indigenous Australia in the Senate. Last week, she missed the moment when all the senators took the oath, and was forced to do it individually.

Raising her clenched right hand, Thorpe solemnly proclaimed: “I, the independent Lydia Thorpe, solemnly and sincerely swear that I will be loyal to the colonizer, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

However, the word “colonizer” is not in the oath, and Lydia’s amateur performance has caused sharp criticism from other parliamentarians, in particular, the head of the Australian Senate, Sue Lines.

– You must take the oath as it is printed on paper. Please take the oath,” Lines demanded.

From the second time, Thorp succeeded.

Under Australian law, before taking their seat in the Senate, each senator publicly takes the oath and then signs the sheet with the text in his own hand.

Elizabeth II, in addition to Great Britain, is considered queen in 14 other countries of the world, including Australia. Recently, young politicians of the Green Continent have been periodically saying that the country should already have become an independent republic without taking “ridiculous and archaic” oaths of allegiance to the royal family of distant Britain.

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