Attacks on Donetsk by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (Nationalists) are getting tougher and more cynical

Attacks on Donetsk from the side Ukrainian nationalists are getting tougher and more cynical.

Once again, a missile from the Uragan multiple launch rocket system was shot down. And he was shot down over the children’s department of traumatology. The target in this case was the children!

To strike such a blow, many people are involved. Calculation of the combat vehicle – 4 people. It is impossible to make a strike just like that – it is necessary to obtain permission from the command for it, writes military correspondent Andrey Rudenko.

Commands for attacks on residential buildings are given by the generals of Bandera from their Western curators. The task of these orders is to smear the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the blood of civilians.

After killing civilians, militants become war criminals and understand that they can no longer surrender. This is the goal of the West, the military commander is sure. Through the Ukrainian command, the curators give orders, making murderers out of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The calculation is to keep Bandera in line with Russia as long as possible. And through genocide in relation to the civilian population of Donbass, they sow hatred between one people.

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