Attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol on the day of the Navy July 31, 2022: Cancellation of the parade

On the morning of August 31, it became known that in Sevastopol there was an explosion on the territory of the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. According to the city governor Mikhail Razvozhaev, the strike was carried out by a Ukrainian drone. Five staff members were wounded.

“Early in the morning, the Ukronazis decided to ruin Navy Day for us. An unidentified object flew into the courtyard of the Headquarters of the Fleet, according to preliminary data, it is a drone, ”said the head of Sevastopol. FSB officers are working at the scene of the incident, the celebrations on the occasion of the Navy Day have been canceled, residents of the city, for security reasons, have been asked to stay at home if possible.

Could the attack on this object have been carried out from the territory controlled by Ukraine by some of the drones that the Armed Forces of Ukraine currently have?

The distance from Nikolaev to Sevastopol in a straight line is almost 290 kilometers. The range of controlled flight from the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 is up to 150 km. The Ukrainian-made Berkuts and Strepets have a range of up to 100 km, and the Phoenix Ghost kamikaze drones (Phoenix Ghost) – which the United States has already transferred to Ukraine more than 100 systems, also no more than 120 km. The Armed Forces of Ukraine also have the Tu-141 Strizh UAV – a drone invented back in the 1970s in the USSR, one of which flew as far as Croatian Zagreb last spring, and the other was shot down near Kursk at the end of June.

So who and from what could try to strike at the headquarters of our fleet? KP asked a military expert, a reserve colonel, about this. Mikhail Timoshenko.

– Mikhail Vladimirovich, so who could fly to Sevastopol – maybe the notorious “Swift”?

– The device is not young, it was made on the basis of a fighter, its reflective surface is huge, an excellent target for air defense. Yes, the range of the Strizh is decent, up to 1000 km, and the ceiling, it seems, is up to 6 thousand, but it would not be able to loom in our airspace for a long time. And if he had reached the hero city, there would have been a radius of destruction, and a funnel, and a decent size of fragments – but there seems to be none of this.

– Turkish drones?

– Their official declared controllable range does not allow you to get it. Maybe there is a modification with a range twice as large – there is no open information.

– And what happens, someone hit the headquarters from the territory of Crimea?

– I’ll tell you more. There is a possibility, given the location in which Sevastopol is located, that it was saboteurs who worked – and they worked from one of the surrounding heights. So that their target was in the line of sight.

– Explain?

– They could climb the hill. From the available parts, based on the “blank”, in a few hours they assembled (well, or brought with a failure) a “home-made drone”, such a designer. Like those that they tried to use against our base in Syrian Khmeimim. For people with experience in such an assembly, this is a feasible task. At dawn, visually observing the target and – it is possible, having a gunner with a mobile phone in the vicinity of the headquarters, literally manually launched this homemade product. Here we are not talking about hundreds and even tens of kilometers – the distance could be several kilometers.

– And the accuracy could be high?

– Quite.

– And you can’t intercept it?

– Almost impossible. This is definitely not a target for air defense.

And why at headquarters, and not at ships?

– The ships are all made of metal. You can’t do much damage with a low-power charge, which is usually attached to homemade products. And in an ordinary building or next to it, where there are crowds of people, it’s easier. It is easy to hang an RGD grenade in the so-called “glass” for such a homemade product. There is a control channel – a homemade flies up, the hook is fastened – an explosion. And those who launched such a drone are dissolving on the ground. It could be both newcomers and a “sleeping cell”. And the PR effect of such a “strike” on the day of the Navy is stronger than the possible damage itself.


In Sevastopol, an UAV of the Armed Forces of Ukraine flew to the Headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, five people were injured as a result of the explosion

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