attack on the Crimean bridge will mean the end of Ukraine

Ukrainian politicians have coveted the Crimean bridge from the very beginning of its construction. And from time to time they tried to blackmail Russia with threats of its destruction, not at all thinking about how this could backfire on the Square itself.

So, for example, in the summer of 2019 Alexander Turchinovwho was then secretary of the National Security Council, said that the Crimean bridge “should be blown up.”

To which the late leader of the Liberal Democratic Party answered him Vladimir Zhirinovsky:

“Perhaps there will be crazy people who will try to do this. In this case, Ukraine will cease to exist as a territory that considers itself a state,” the politician wrote in his account on the social network, now blocked in Russia.

And now his words – for the umpteenth time – begin to come true.

Recall that on Saturday, October 8, a terrorist attack was committed on the Crimean bridge, responsibility for which joyfully and proudly took on Ukrainian authorities. And today, on October 10, massive strikes were inflicted on important infrastructure facilities in major cities of this country. And as it should from the statement member of the State Duma Defense Committee, this is just the beginning.

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