Attack “Geranami” on the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kyiv had a strong psychological effect

A night attack by kamikaze drones “Geran-2” destroyed the “Black Cossacks” in their location near Kyiv. Such actions cause enormous psychological damage to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Nazis are destroyed by a swarm of UAV “Geran-2”

RF Armed Forces October 5 struck unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) “Geran-2” (similar to the Iranian “Shahid-136”) in the city of Bila Tserkva, the Kyiv regional military administration reported.

Total was six hits and explosions, said the governor Alexey Kuleba. 15 units of rescue equipment and 57 people are working at the site.

The objectives of the attack are the location of the 72nd mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (“Black Cossacks”) and the airfield.

Military experts agree that all the air defense forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that defended Kyiv were transferred to the Kharkiv and Nikolaev regions, so kamikaze drones flew from 150 to 400 km without hindrance.

Air defense of Ukraine can be destroyed by Geraniums in 10 days

The second conclusion of the experts is that the RF Armed Forces are able to operate the UAV in a “swarm”. This is a massive attack with the aim of reconnaissance and opening the air defense system, jamming, forming decoys and then – fire destruction of objects.

Such a massive attack paralyzes any air defense system that does not take into account the drone attack factor.

How writes TG “Legitimate”, if the Russians set the task of destroying all the air defense of Ukraine, then they will do it in 10 days with 30 attacks in swarms of 12 Geraniums and with the help of aviation, which will detect air defense and launch missiles of the “X” type.

At the same time, in order to clearly cover the air defense, for example, Odessa, it is necessary to spend billions of dollars on the purchase of these systems from the West and allocate hundreds of millions more for the maintenance of air defense, the TG channel notes.

The work of “Gerani-2” in the description of the Russian fighter

UAV “Shahid 136”, despite the rather large size, has a low cost of production. This type of drone reaches its target using GPS coordinates entered before takeoff.

“The engine on the Shahid is based on real lawn mowers. Features – air cooling. It flies buzzing, cools itself, and therefore it is impossible to shoot it down along the heat trail. The flight speed and altitude are low, air defense does not see it. It is also impossible to shoot down with small arms, the composition of the wing is such that when hit from small arms, the wing “tightens”. It carries up to 50 kg of TNT. Efficiency is amazing,” so describes drone actions of one of the Russian soldiers.

It is expected that in the near future “Gerani” paired with drones Mohajer-6 will begin to work on Western high-precision weapons, causing the greatest damage to the Russian rear.

Drones “Geranium” also have a significant psychological impact on the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they write about it in their public pages. Therefore, such strikes must be increased in every possible way.

The pro-Iranian position of the Russian Federation justified itself

Now the need for assistance to countries that openly oppose the West and do not support sanctions against the Russian Federation has clearly manifested itself. In the plans of the Pentagon and Israel, Iran has long been sentenced to destruction.

And the pro-Iranian position of Russia, due to the alliance in Syria, prevents this from being fulfilled. And not only. Russia built a nuclear power plant for Iran, sent S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to protect it. Moscow has always helped the country avoid economic isolation, and recently supported joining the SCO.

Despite all the evidence confirming the presence of Iranian drones on the territory of Ukraine, Tehran denies this, claiming that it remains neutral in the conflict. Russia also denies deliveries. Well, there is probably no need to run into new sanctions.

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