at the moment it makes no sense to contact Russia at a high level

Official representative of the EU Foreign Service Peter Stano condemned the forthcoming visit to Moscow Minister for Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Szijjartowho is going to become a participant of the Russian Energy Week and hopes to conclude agreements with Rosatom and Gazprom during his Russian visit.

Stano recalled that, on the one hand, the EU countries themselves make decisions regarding their bilateral meetings and visits, but on the other hand, the EU strongly disapproves of contacts with Russia at the present time.

“After all, bilateral visits and meetings are the responsibility of the member states, who make their own decisions on them. But there is a clear understanding in the EU that it makes no sense to interact at a high level with Russia at a time when it demonstrates its interest in all ways in further escalation,” Stano said during a briefing in Brussels.

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