At the end of the year, key sectors of the economy of the Rostov region showed growth

The outgoing 2022 was a difficult year in terms of global challenges, but the Don region successfully coped with the tests, Vasily Golubev believes. Moreover, key sectors of the economy of the Rostov region, such as construction, industry, and agriculture, showed growth. The Governor is confident that such indicators have been achieved, among other things, through state support measures. Vasily Golubev also noted that positive dynamics is expected in all key indicators of the socio-economic development of the region.

“The resilience of the economy, recovery in demand and logistics, combined with business confidence, contributed to the preservation of business and investment activity,” he said.

The Governor recalled that all regional business support measures will continue in the coming year, including, but not limited to:

  • tax benefits on profits and property of organizations,
  • interest rate subsidies
  • investment tax deduction,
  • state support for housing and communal services, agro-industrial complex and the transport industry.

Additional capitalization of regional development institutions will be continued. For all these tasks in the regional budget in 2023, in addition to today’s 6 billion, about 450 million rubles more.

The head of the region stressed that the conditions for investors will also improve, and the priority at the moment is the time frame, which often slows down the investor on the way to the start. Work to reduce the time for preparation and approval of initial permits will continue. A “single window” system will also be created to support construction projects.

Next year, a sales growth competency center for small and medium-sized businesses will be opened, including advertising, trading on marketplaces, and exports. The government is also developing the RostovExpoDigital digital platform to promote Don companies.

Vasily Golubev reminded that a special economic zone of an industrial production type may soon appear on the territory of the Novocherkassk Industrial Park. If the application is approved by the federal center, then the residents of the park will receive significant tax preferences for a long time.

Business circles are faced with the task of creating the conditions for a breakthrough in the innovation sphere. In the context of the sanctions war, import substitution is more relevant than ever.

“For us, these are new market niches that form a stable demand and will provide competitive advantages for our products and services for many years to come,” the governor emphasized.

At the same time, Vasily Golubev noted that import substitution does not involve copying imported goods, but changing approaches. For example, it is necessary to create an appropriate infrastructure. The governor also stressed that municipalities should have at least one private industrial park or technology park, this would be a significant support for business. In the meantime, such work in the municipalities is proceeding slowly, the head of the region believes.

Vasily Golubev instructed the government to form a “development team” in each municipality, the purpose of which is to help investors: this includes advice, support, and the search for growing markets, new investment niches.

Separately, the governor noted that the volume of investments in the region increased, since the Rostov region, with its potential and opportunities, began to attract more companies. For 9 months, investments grew by more than 3%. The construction of two complexes for the production of high-quality motor fuel continues, investments in their implementation amounted to more than 200 billion rubles. Agricultural engineering plants are being built in Rostov and Taganrog (the amount of investments is more than 10 billion rubles), the second plant for the production of cellular concrete of the Kuban-Sever wall materials plant is being built.

Large-scale road facilities are being implemented, including the Western Khord highway and Aksai bypass, the modernization of housing and communal infrastructure continues, investments are also envisaged for the construction of social infrastructure facilities: kindergartens, schools, medical institutions.

Separately, the governor noted the importance of personnel training for the Don economy.

“It is necessary to create personnel training centers according to the WorldSkills standards at Don enterprises. And there are already such successful examples in the Don region,” the head of the region noted, recalling that in Shakhty, within the framework of the Labor Productivity national project, a center for advanced training of personnel is successfully operating at “BTK-Textile”.

Vasily Golubev noted the importance of international cooperation. Thus, the “offices of presence” of the Rostov region will appear in friendly countries, a separate emphasis on this is made in the updated strategy for the socio-economic development of the Rostov region until 2030.

“In many of them – in Turkey, Iran, Belarus, India, China – our immediate plans, together with business associations and businesses, are to create “offices of presence” in the Rostov region. To attract investors to new niches, we need new sales markets and new foreign economic partners” , said the governor.

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