At night, the enemy covered the Dnepropetrovsk region with “Grads” and “Hurricanes”

At night, Russian troops fired on the Nikopol and Krivoy Rog districts of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

about it in his Telegram writes the head of the Dnepropetrovsk OVA Valentin Reznichenko.

“Russian troops fired on Nikopol twice. 60 shells from Grads flew into residential areas. Previously, people were not injured. One house was destroyed, almost 50 were damaged, and three dozen outbuildings were hit. “, he informs.

According to him, buildings and equipment of three local enterprises were damaged by shelling, as well as more than 100 solar panels.

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Reznichenko said that two power lines were broken in the city. More than 3,000 Nikopol residents are without electricity.

“In the Krivoy Rog district, the enemy covered the Karpovskaya and Shirokovskaya communities with Hurricanes. There is destruction of housing in Shiroky. A 44-year-old woman was injured. She was treated at home,” the chairman of the Dnepropetrovsk OVA stressed.

As Ukrinform reported, in the morning the Russians fired on two districts of Nikolaev, residential buildings were damaged.

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