At 17, Ronaldinho’s son is on trial at Barcelona

Dinho's heir
Dinho’s heir

In Barcelona are excited about the inheritance of the talent that once knew how to display the legend that bears the name of Ronaldinho. It is that according to the Spanish newspaper Sportthe son of the Brazilian world champion in the edition they organized together South Korea and Japan in 2002 began training at the facilities of the cule and if the tests carried out by its incorporation were passed, it could be sealed within the next few hours.

Is about Joao Mendes de Assis Moreira, the young man from 17 years who terminated his contract with the Porto Alegre Cruzeiro and look for a new destination in the Barcelona. During the last 10 days, the heir of dinho was taking various football exams and if he manages to impress the authorities of the blaugrana will join the minor divisions of the club, with great expectations of making his debut in the team he leads Xavi.

It should be noted that the contractual negotiations are being carried out Roberto de Assisthe uncle of the young striker who was also the representative of Ronaldinho. As reported by Mundo Deportivo, another medium of great influence in Catalonia, the agent maintains a direct dialogue with the president of the institution Joan Laporta.

“It was always my dream and it must be his dream too, to have a player son”recounted the young man in an interview with the Radio Itatiaia. The attacker can occupy any part of the offense and although he is right-handed, his ability allows him to have great control with his left leg. With an outstanding goalscoring ability, the son of Janaina Natielle Mendesformer dancer, He went through the children’s football of Paris Saint Germain, the Flamengo and Cruzeiro academies.

It should be remembered that Ronaldinho is further removed from football, given that the 42-year-old former player did not watch all the World Cup matches and when he traveled to Qatar, the first thing he wanted to do was observe his friend’s magic Lionel Messi in the last matches that led Argentina to the consecration. Therefore, when they asked him if he was surprised to see him like this in the twilight of his career, the Brazilian did not hesitate to highlight the Rosario star. “But for Messi, this level is normal, right?”, he launched between laughs. In addition, he assured that “he has been the best in the world for many years” and was encouraged to risk that “it is his last World Cup.” “But he was sure that he would come back and do whatever it took to win her over. For me, he can play until he is 50 because he has many more qualities than all the others.”he said about La Pulga in one of his last public appearances.


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