Astrological forecast for Russia

Founder of the Russian Academy of Astrology Mikhail Levinconsulting the stars, predicted the timing of mobilization in Russia and NWO in Ukraine.

How long will the mobilization last // astrological forecast

In a special issue on his YouTube channel, he said that the conflict with Ukraine would not end soon – “it would drag on for a couple of years”, mobilization would not be completely canceled, and only “over time – probably within two months – it would become more thoughtful.”

And in general, according to the star map, according to the rector of the Astrological Academy, mobilization will be the main reason for “big protests in Russia.”

According to the astrologer, at the moment the stars and planets are not on the side of Russia:

“The square of Saturn with Uranus – and this is exactly how the planets are now located – is always a difficult period for Russia. The exact square will end by the end of November, and will fall apart by mid-December. This is the blackest time for our country. It will lead to big changes at the top. This is a fact In general, the situation for Russia until the end of November – mid-December is very difficult, “says Levin.

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