Astrologers have named the six most trusting signs of the zodiac

Credulity is not a bad quality, unless you blindly believe everything you are told. The ability to see the best in others distinguishes such people, but there is also a downside to the coin – gullible people cannot understand when someone is lying. It may seem strange that in the information age people can be like this, but astrologers believe that it is in the stars.

The six most trusting zodiac signs

You may be surprised to see this charming and extroverted sign on the list, but it is this self-confident nature that gives Leo trouble. Leos are so confident “that they really don’t believe that anyone would dare to take advantage of them,” explains astrologer Charlotte Kirsten. A few thoughtful compliments, and Leo is bought, as a result of which he may become a victim of scammers.

This sign is “obsessed with harmony, balance and order and will do anything to keep the peace, including sacrificing their instincts,” explains Kirsten. As the most passive-aggressive zodiac sign, they will feel uncomfortable under any kind of stress. Add to this their desire for justice, Libra is just a godsend for scammers.

As a sensitive sign, Cancer simply cannot help but forgive others.

“Cancer has a childlike purity and naivete, qualities they expect to see in others,” says Kirsten. “It’s not that Cancer is easily fooled, rather, he tends to see the best in people and believes that everyone has good intentions.”

Sagittarius is another sign that may not be associated with gullibility. As it turns out, Sagittarians tend to be a little naive when it comes to hospitality. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and opportunity, Sagittarians can’t help but see the potential in every person they meet. For example, if a guide tells them that special places can be visited for an additional fee, then they will immediately fork out.

According to astrologer Lisa Barretta, strong beliefs underlie their excessive gullibility. “They have to be very perceptive and distinguish fact from fiction,” she cautions.

There is no one more impulsive than an Aries, which means that they often act first, think later.

“If someone tells them that they can make big money, then Aries will immediately agree, believing in someone’s far-fetched success story,” explains Barretta.

Trusting Aries is not only in business. “Aries is incredibly trusting in matters of love,” says Kirsten. Instead of listening to the warnings of loved ones, Aries will only hear what they want to hear.

Pisces is considered the most calm and carefree sign of the zodiac. They are big dreamers, creative individuals who trust intuition.

“You might think that the far-sighted Pisces will be able to detect deceit, but this is not always the case,” says Kirsten. “Ruled by the dreamy Neptune, they are idealistic by nature and prefer to see the best in people, even when there are alarm bells.”

Barretta calls this “Neptunian fog”. She says Pisces’ motto is “I believe.”

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