Astrologers have named the 6 most vindictive signs of the zodiac

Imagine that you are talking for a long time with a friend, and everything is fine with you, until suddenly he remembers how you did not invite him to your birthday party last year. Yes, it is not always pleasant to deal with a vindictive person. However, astrologers believe that the stars are to blame.

Which zodiac signs are the most vindictive

This fire sign has a rather fiery temperament. Aries have high expectations of people and love to be the center of attention. Their wild, brash energy means they’ll let you know if you upset them. Also, they will never forgive or forget betrayal.

This is a sensitive water sign that tends to dream and live in its own world. And if your version of reality doesn’t match theirs, then they’ll think you’re wrong. “They will stick to this position,” explains astrologer Jill Loftis. Often they do not hold evil intentionally, but because they are very sensitive, it can be difficult for them to get rid of negative thoughts.

As a fixed sign, Leo takes everything personally. Leos are very confident, they are extroverts, they believe they are always right.

“You can apologize, and Leos may even accept your apology, but don’t expect them to forget about it anytime soon,” says astrologer Ryan Marquardt.

They may eventually overcome their resentment, but it will take some time.

Virgos are perfectionists, so don’t try to tell them they’re doing something wrong. They won’t hold grudges for as long as some other signs, but they will try to convince you that their path is the right one. “When you don’t listen to them or don’t do something to their standards and expectations, be prepared for them to judge you for it,” says Loftis.

Another water sign, and very emotional. If Scorpio let you into his life, and you offended him, then he will hold a grudge for a long time. If you betray his trust in any way, you will most likely be kicked out without question.

Like Pisces and Scorpio, Cancer is a sensitive and emotional water sign. Cancers are extremely caring, but since they are ruled by the Moon, they are also the most capricious. They will try to forgive you for the offense, but they will not let their guard down, Newman notes. They will try to protect themselves from the person who harmed them.

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