Astrologers have named six zodiac signs that are doomed to loneliness

Loneliness does not necessarily come with a minus sign. Self-sufficient people do not hesitate to ask for a table for one or go on vacation without a companion. But for most, loneliness is not a personal choice, but rather an undesirable outcome. Astrologers have told what the difference is.

The six loneliest signs of the zodiac

Aries are independent, their adventurous spirit makes them see others as rivals. For this reason, they cannot easily trust others, and the rest cannot easily trust them, says astrologer Emily Newman. If Aries has been betrayed, he will not dare to trust this person again.

Aries will seek out “vulnerable” people who are more likely to justify their questionable behavior, explains astrologer Victoria Thomas. For these reasons, it can be difficult for this sign to find friends who accept them for who they are.

Celebrated astrologer Kyle Thomas calls this water sign “the most sensitive of all, because it is ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality, and Jupiter, the planet of hope. But in many cases, this sensitivity can lead to isolation. “They are often detached from reality and hovering in the clouds, because they prefer fantasy to cold, hard facts,” says Kyle. “This can lead to them becoming lonely souls, always looking for ‘the one’ or dwelling on their illusions.”

But Pisces does not give up hope of finding a soul mate, for this they just need to completely trust the other person. “They love with all their hearts, so they would rather be left alone so as not to experience betrayal,” Newman says.

Virgos are considered perfectionists, which is why they easily exclude people who, according to Virgos, are not perfect, notes Kyle. On the other hand, their character can also alienate people. “No one wants to be around someone who is constantly picking on others,” says Newman.

In less extreme cases, a Type A Virgo personality can simply get in the way of forming strong bonds. They get so caught up in the details of planning the meeting that they can’t even enjoy it.

Cancers are extremely emotional signs. This often leads to longing for people and places. “They are ruled by the Moon, which is the luminary of nostalgia,” says Kyle. This can lead to them being “obsessed with the past rather than living in the present.”

In addition, Cancer is considered the most capricious sign of the zodiac. His volatile feelings can be difficult for outsiders to understand and can turn people off. Therefore, Cancers find solace in their family.

Capricorns devote most of their energy to promotions, they have almost no time to socialize and build relationships. These workaholics “place success, wealth and career over personal life,” says Kyle. “It’s something they may end up regretting in the future as they won’t find love in the arms of a career.”

This sign also takes a long time to get used to people, “which makes it difficult for them to connect with others,” notes Newman. But Capricorns do not mind their loneliness at all.

“They prefer to be alone and relax rather than interact with others,” adds Newman. If you invite a Capricorn to a party, there’s a good chance they’ll find a reason to say no at the last minute.

Scorpios have a reputation for being mysterious and secretive. Because they are like that, they assume that others are like that too, which makes them very suspicious and distrustful. “They are in no hurry to get to know someone and may prefer their own company until they are confident in a relationship with another person,” Newman says.

And if they feel that they have been offended (which happens easily), they will immediately put up a wall. “As a fixed sign, they are stubborn, resistant to change.”

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