Astro forecast for the future of Russia and Putin from the Indian prophet

Indian astrologer name Ajaya Bhumbi, who is called a prophet in his homeland, is known throughout the world. And no wonder, because his predictions always come true.

An interesting point: Bhambi always makes forecasts for the year. And always in March. In his opinion, it is during this period that “everything comes true with an accuracy of 99%.”

From a recent come true

In March 2021, an Indian doctor of astrology predicted that the planet would begin to forget about the “malicious coronavirus” by the end of February 2022. He said that the disease would still periodically “raise its head”, but people would treat it like an ordinary SARS.

During his visit to Russia last June, Bhambi talked to journalists from Moskovsky Komsomolets, who naturally asked him about the future of our country.

Ajay Bhambi said that Russia would have to “correct the mistakes of civilization” and, in particular, take “control over the global economic crisis.”

We can now evaluate the accuracy of this prediction.

What’s ahead

Ajay Bhambi says that now “the center of power is shifting from West to East” and “very soon” the course of the world economy will not be set by the United States, but by Russia, China and India.

In addition, our country, according to astrologeryou need to stop stepping on the same rake:

“Significant events are repeated and will continue to be repeated until people learn their lesson from them. What events are constantly repeated in your country? What you can’t get out of?


As for the economy, which is now going through very difficult times, then, according to forecast an Indian astrologer, “everything will return to normal by the end of the year”: the ruble will stabilize, some of the goods that disappeared due to the departure of foreign companies from the Russian market will return, some will be “successfully” replaced.


Ajay Bhambi said that the horoscope of Russia coincides with the horoscope of its president:

“This is a miracle. Mercury coincided with Mars, so his power is overflowing with power. There is no better ruler for Russia now. I see that Putin will be in power in his various manifestations, he will be in power as long as he wants.”

Indian Astrology – Why is it interesting?

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