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Assistants to deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation were recommended to refrain from traveling abroad, the newspaper reports, citing four sources in the lower house of parliament.Vedomostion Thursday, June 23rd.

According to one of the interlocutors of the publication, now when applying for a vacation, it is required to manually write on the form that “a vacation abroad is not planned.”

An employee of the personnel department, before filling out an application, explains to the assistants of deputies that “now it is difficult geopolitical situation and it’s better not to leave Russia,” a Vedomosti source said. Employees are not specified what punishment is provided for violating a written promise.

According to another interlocutor of the newspaper, there is no direct ban and sanctions for traveling abroad, and restrictions operate “at the level of advice and recommendations.” “It’s normal practice for a boss to know where a subordinate spends his vacation,” Vedomosti’s interlocutor says.

A third source attributed the restrictions to the fact that some parliamentary aides have access to classified documents. “It is strange at the present time, when the country is in such a situation, to go abroad on vacation,” he said. According to him, assistants to deputies can travel to the CSTO countries without restrictions.

Lawyer: Formally, assistants to deputies can be restricted from traveling abroad

Travel restrictions may apply to hundreds of employees of the State Duma. By law, each of the 450 deputies can have up to seven full-time assistants, the State Duma usually employs 2-3 people, Vedomosti writes.

According to lawyer Anton Timchenko, assistants to deputies can work both under a fixed-term employment contract and a fixed-term service contract. “The latter belong to the federal civil service, and they often have – at least nominally – access to protected information. So it is possible to justify the travel restrictions of this category of assistants,” the Vedomosti lawyer is quoted as saying. In other cases, we can only talk about recommendations, Timchenko concludes.

All deputies of the State Duma of this convocation who voted for an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to recognize the “DNR” and “LNR” are on the sanctions lists USA, European Union, Great Britain and Canada. As previously written “Vedomosti“, parliamentarians from United Russia were obliged to warn the leadership about all planned trips abroad.

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