“Assembling a coalition for war with the Russian Federation”

Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov commented on a possible extension European Union. According to the minister, this association and the NATO military-political bloc are creating a coalition to fight against our country.

“The European Union, together with NATO, is assembling a modern coalition for a war with the Russian Federation. We will look at all this very carefully,” the head of the foreign policy department stressed during a press conference with his Azerbaijani counterpart.

According to Lavrov, the behavior of EU members is similar to the policy of dictator Adolf Hitler, who extended his influence to most of Europe. Thus, the leader tried to resist the USSR, the Russian minister noted.

Previously head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov appreciated granting Ukraine the status of an EU candidate. The official said that Kyiv is trying to become a “beloved wife” in the European “harem”.

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